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   Chapter 24 We Are The Same

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The waiter probably didn't expect that there would be a pile of dead rats on the tray. His face turned pale with fear and stammered, "I... I don't know who the woman was. She... She just said that she wanted me to give this gift to you personally."

Charley's face darkened. The most important thing for a businessman was to have good luck. Everyone thought it was bad luck to see such a scene at the opening banquet. Moreover, it might cause a great loss for his future cooperation with others.

Among so many cooperators in the business world, why did they have to take Charley as the only choice?

"It must be someone who is jealous of your achievements, so the person sent this as a prank to piss you off. Don't fall into their trap."

Suzan explained timely, then she turned around elegantly to the guests, "It's just an episode, and we don't need to pay so much attention to it. I'll ask the kitchen to serve two hard dishes and one bottle of good wine for each table. We'll keep you company. Please take this as an apology."

After that, she turned to Vincent and Anna again. With a gentle and generous smile, she said, "Mr. Vincent, Miss Anna, this way, please."

Along their way to the lounge, Anna sighed constantly. Charley had found a capable girlfriend. She had never changed her face even after such an embarrassed incident. Impressive!

"Here, drink some water. You were scared just now."

After Vincent and Charley went to another room, Suzan poured a glass of water for Anna and apologized, "I'm so sorry you have to what just happened."

Taking over the glass of water, Anna gradually felt relieved. She was quite terrified just now. However, "Miss Suzan, you're really brave enough to deal with this in such a proper and unhurried way. You are impressive."

This emergency ability to deal with public relations was as good as that of Addy, even she had to learn from her.

However, Suzan chuckled. A mocking smile that did not match her beautiful temperament raised in her pink lips. "It's not about me. Why should I worry so much?"

Anna was stunned. She didn't expect that Suzan would say something like that. After all, the package was sent here to insult Charley, but Suzan was fine with that?

"Is it strange?"

She took out a lady's cigarette from the cigarette box on the table, and skillfully lit it and put it to her mouth. The thin smoke was exhaled from her mouth, and she was as beautiful as a fairy who was otherworldly. "Charley is just a man who keeps me as a mistress. Why should I care whether he is dead or alive? What does his business have to do with me? I just need to do my job well."

Once again, Anna's impression of Suzan had changed. She had thought that Suzan was nothing but a vase kept by Charley. Now it seemed that this woman had a lot of secrets.

"In that case, why did Miss Suzan run to the bathroom in such a hurry just now? Did Mr. Charley break your heart?"

She was pretty sure that the person she bumped into just now was Suzan.

Suzan was stunned, but soon she smiled. "Miss Anna, you are a smart woman. I like to make friends with smart people."

Wearing a faint smile, Anna said, "Miss Suzan, I'm afraid you have made a mistake. I don't want to be friends with you."

"For Addy?"

Once again, Anna was shocked by her words. Did she know the existence of Addy?

"She is indeed a tough woman."

Suzan lit the cigarette ash in her hand and said thoughtfully, "But her biggest weakness is that she is too serious about love. Haven't you heard the saying? If you take it seriously, you will lose."

A hint of viciousness flashed through

her ginkgo like eyes, which made Anna shiver. What on earth had she experienced that made her say something like that?

"Anna, just wait and see. We'll be friends one day."

She opened a bottle of wine in front of the wine cabinet and poured a glass of wine for them both. Holding a goblet in her hand, she gently swayed the scarlet liquid in it. She raised her pink lips and said casually, "Because, we are the same kind of people."

Getting back home with Vincent, Anna was absent-minded all the way. She had a strong feeling that Suzan had too many secrets. If she couldn't know herself and her enemy well, how could she help Addy take her revenge?

"Buzz, buzz, buzz..."

The phone in her bag vibrated. Anna took it out and saw a message from Haley. "If you want to make up for the loss of Vincent, see you at ten o'clock tomorrow in the ZT Club. You know what to do."

Her heart almost jumped out of her throat. In a hurry, she put her phone back into her bag, fearing that Vincent would find out anything.

Vincent knew better than she thought. The pure black low-key luxury car stopped steadily in front of the intersection. His big dry and warm hands covered her cold and nervous hands. "Anna, you are not yourself today."

Anna smiled awkwardly and explained, "Really? Why do you say so? I think I'm okay."

"Anna, you can't lie. Your palms are always sweating whenever you lie."

Anna didn't say a word. Her tiny body shrank in the seat silently. With a helpless sigh, Vincent started the car and said in a deep voice, "No matter what others have said to you, the only thing you need to do is to believe me. Anna, I'm not that weak and I won't be knocked down so easily. I know what I'm doing. Don't do stupid things behind my back, okay?"

Anna didn't know how much Vincent had known about it. She nodded carefully, for fear that he would be angry again. But fortunately, he didn't continue the topic. Instead, he said when they turned the corner, "You had gone too far today. Charley is not a person who is easy to deal with. If you do so, you will get into trouble sooner or later."

Anna was stunned. 'He even knows about that?'

If it weren't for her, how could the dead mouse from Mandy flow into the banquet?

"I don't care who you meet or what you do. But Anna, you are mine now. Let bygones be bygones. They have nothing to do with you."

The last thing Anna wanted to hear was this. She retorted angrily, "Is it because I'm with you that you want me to cut off all my connections with the past? Vincent, that's not the right thing to do. I can't turn a blind eye to Addy's misfortune. If you think what I'm messing things up, or that it may affect the business cooperation between you and Charley, you can abandon me. But I can't give up all the people and relationships in my past just because of you."

Vincent stepped on the brake all of a sudden. His dark eyes were filled with displeasure and doubt. Perhaps he had never thought that Anna would give up their relationship so easily.

"I, I'm sorry. I was wrong."

Realizing that she had said something wrong, Anna lowered her head and said in a low voice, "I shouldn't have said that on impulse. But Vincent, I... ah..."

The car started all of a sudden. The strong force made Anna off guard and she fell hard on the back of the seat. "Vincent -"

She knew it was a sign that he was angry, but no matter what she said, Vincent wouldn't listen to her. He even drove her home and then drove out again.

Looking at the empty room, Anna almost wanted to beat herself hard. Why couldn't she keep her mouth shut at that time?

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