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   Chapter 23 A Famous Lady

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Charley didn't show up until ten minutes after the banquet began. Although Anna was mentally prepared, she was still shocked by his appearance, or by the fairy aura of the woman beside him.

It was the first time that Anna saw Suzan's face. With fair skin, she wore a lilac dress, looking like a fairy. Her delicate face was tinted with a light pink blush, making people unable to take their eyes off her.

"I'm so sorry to meet you so late."

Charley, who had become more mature and wise, bowed to everyone apologetically at first, but Anna despised him one hundred times in her heart. If it weren't for Addy's support, he would still be a little-known poor man now!

"Thank you very much for sparing time to attend the opening banquet. I'm very honored and happy. All of you are my friends. I'm really grateful."

Then he pushed Suzan a little forward and said, "Let me introduce to you. This is my girlfriend, Suzan. I think you all know that she is a model. In addition to walking well on the T platform, she sings very well. If you don't mind, I will ask her to sing a song for you. I would like to apologize to you in this way. After all, as the host, I shouldn't have appeared so late, Come on Suzan, sing a song for us."

Looking at the two people on the stage, Anna frowned. Why did she think that Charley has ulterior motives? Did he ask Suzan singing just to express his apology?

She couldn't help but make all kinds of guesses in her heart. But when Suzan opened her mouth, Anna had completely forgotten what she was thinking. Her voice was so sweet!

But why did she feel that the voice was so familiar?

When she couldn't figure it out, Suzan had already finished singing. At this time, Haley, who was sitting opposite to Anna, suddenly said, "Do you know? Vincent's female companion, Anna, is also a talented woman. She was the most famous hostess of HY Club, the most well-known club in L City. She is not only good at singing and dancing, but also drinking and talking. In such a grand occasion, how can we not let such an outstanding person sing for us? Don't you think so, Anna?"

The blood in her body was almost frozen. Anna didn't expect that Haley would expose her past identity in such an occasion, and even in front of Vincent! How could he find a way out of this embarrassing situation?

"Did Vincent really find a hostess as his girlfriend? No way. What was he thinking? There are so many good women. Why did he choose a dirty woman? "

"I think it must be that woman who seduced Vincent. You know what kind of place HY Club is. How can a woman from there be simple? I'm sure that she used some tricks to seduce Vincent. It's so horrible! "

"Hey, what a perfect man Vincent is! I really feel sorry for him."

"But isn't Vincent a capable man? How could he be controlled by a woman? I don't think it's that simple. Is it true that Vincent has fallen in love with her? She is too unworthy! "

The whispers around her made Anna so nervous that her palms were sweating. Her fingernails pierced into her palms. At this moment, she felt worse than being stripped off. She didn't even dare to look at Vincent's face. She felt guilty!

If it weren't for her, how could Vincent be reproach like this?

The organs in her chest were bouncing wildly. Anna made up her mind silently that she wouldn't let Vincent get scolded. She wanted to stand

out and help him clear his name!

She could bear being insulted, but she couldn't bear to see Vincent get hurt because of her!


"Well bred people will never judge others in public."

However, before she could utter one word, Vincent had already held her hand in his palm. He looked around with his cold eyes, and his powerful and majestic aura shocked all the whispering people. "What kind of woman I choose belongs to my private affair, and it's none of other people's business. Moreover, Anna is my woman, and her excellence and talent also belong to me. Why should I let you see her excellence? I don't want to let that happen."


Staring at Haley, Vincent said, "Miss, I refuse your request on behalf of Anna."

He uttered the word 'Miss' very hard.

Anna was so moved that she almost cried. This is Vincent who could always protect her all the time. Even in the face of so many reproaches, he didn't let go of her and made her the target of public criticism. Instead, he treated her as a treasure and said that she was excellent. How could she deserve it!

He thought it was over, but he suddenly stood up and looked at the host on the stage with his dark eyes. "If I knew Mr. Charley had invited such an ill bred person, I would never come."

Then he held Anna's hand and was about to leave. It was obvious that Vincent was to oppose the whole world for Anna. Anna's heart was really touched.

"Please wait, Mr. Vincent."

Compared with Andrew, who was standing next to Haley, Charley seemed to pay more attention to Vincent. When he was about to leave, he hurriedly stopped him and apologized, "Mr. Vincent, I'm really sorry. I didn't expect such a thing to happen. I'm so sorry. If you don't want to stay here, you can follow me to the lounge. I really appreciate your spirit to do everything for the sake of your beauty. If you don't mind, we can be friends. "

They stared at each other for about three seconds, and finally, Vincent nodded his head. Charley seemed very happy, and turned around to ask Suzan to entertain Anna. Anna kept vigilant against her, but when she approached, she couldn't help but be surprised. There was also a light and peaceful fragrance on her.

Was she the one who entered the bathroom after being hit by her?

"Mr. Charley, please wait a moment!"

When they four were about to move to the lounge, a waiter in white and black collar suddenly rushed over with a tray in his hand. "Mr. Charley, this is a gift for you from an old friend of you. She wants me to give it to you in person."

All the guests, including Anna, were extremely curious about the gifts in the tray covered with red cloth. They raised their necks and waited to see, but Charley seemed to be a little resistant. He frowned and pursed his thin lips, as if he was thinking about something. "Mr. Charley, I opened it."

Before Charley could refuse, the waiter had pulled down the red cloth enthusiastically, "ah --! !"

But the moment she saw the gift, [安] immediately hid herself in Lucian's arms and trembled with fear. There were a lot of dead rats on the tray! !

"Ahhh! !"

All the guests fled in the wilderness. No one had expected that someone would send such an ominous thing on such an important day! Bad luck!

With a livid face, Charley grabbed the servant's collar and angrily asked, "Who sent it here? Tell me! "

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