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   Chapter 22 A Heavy Loss

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The opening banquet was held in the most luxurious hotel in L City. It was really a grand occasion. Almost all the celebrities in L City had arrived. Anna couldn't help admiring Charley. He had been in L City for a short time, but he had done a good job in all aspects. Therefore, with the ability of her and Mandy, could they really avenge Addy?

"Why is he here?"

While thinking about how to destroy Charley who abandoned Addy, Anna saw that Andrew was talking to someone else. Thinking of what had happened that night, Anna couldn't help but get goose bumps all over her body.

"Andrew is a tycoon in construction materials, and Charley's business is also about construction. It's normal to invite him here."

There was no emotion in his dark eyes. Wearing a black formal suit, Vincent was so handsome. He patted the woman's hand gently and said slowly, "don't be nervous. He doesn't dare to do anything to you with me here."

Nodding her head silently, Anna felt relieved. She also felt that Andrew was no match for Vincent, who was the Prince of L City.

Prince Charming.

However, when she saw the woman with Andrew, she was shocked again. "When did Haley get together with him?"

Didn't Mandy say that she had been expelled from HY Club?

Vincent also frowned. Deep eyes were a little serious, but soon he felt relieved. He walked steadily forward with Anna, noble and cold aura overwhelming everyone around. "What a coincidence, Mr. Andrew."

"Mr. Vincent, you are here too."

Andrew was relaxed. He held Haley in his arms and greeted Vincent, as if he had never had any conflict with him. But when he looked at Anna, who was wearing a black tight V collar dress and looked noble and elegant, his narrow and long eyes still revealed a taste of greed. He reached out his short and fat hand to Anna, smiling obsequiously, "I haven't seen Miss An for several days, and you have become more and more beautiful. Mr. Vincent, you are so lucky to have such a beauty accompanying you. I envy you."

Noticing that Andrew was talking to Anna, Haley rolled her eyes at her. Anna stuck out her tongue in her heart innocently. 'It's all my fault, isn't it?' she wondered.

"Thank you, Mr. Andrew. I'm flattered. Aren't you also accompanied with a beauty?"

Vincent's attitude was very elegant and decent, but his eyes never rested on Haley. "It's not interesting to stand like this. Anna, go to eat something with Mr. Cheng's date. I have something to talk with Mr. Andrew."

Nodding her head, Anna watched Vincent and Andrew walk away and then she came to the buffet area alone. She didn't want to have anything to do with Haley.

"Anna, I didn't expect you to be so capable."

However, Haley crossed her arms and walked up to Anna. Her ginkgo like eyes rolled up, full of disdain and unwillingness. "You can catch such a big fish like Vincent. At least we have worked together once. Tell me what trick you have used to make him so loyal to you, even at the cost of losing a lot for you?"

Hearing Haley's words, Anna was stunned. She frowned and looked at her in confusion. "What did you say? What loss? Don't talk nonsense. "

"Ha ha! You don't know yet? "

As if she had heard a big joke, Haley raised her neck and laughed wildly. Then she cast a particularly disdainful glance at Anna and said, "I really don't know if there is something wrong with Vincent's brain and he shouldn't found an idiot like you. He lost at least more t

han 2000 million dollars because of falling out with Andrew. But you still know nothing and eat food here. Anna, should I say that you are broad-minded or should I say that you don't have conscience? Why didn't I find that you are such an inconsiderate person before?"

Anna was completely shocked. She didn't know the thing that Haley had said at all!

"Don't talk nonsense. I don't believe what you said."

Vincent didn't mention a word at all, but even though she comforted herself in this way, her heart was still beating fast.

Just now, Vincent also said that Andrew was a tycoon of construction material. Because of her, he had a fight with him. A man who wanted to save face like Andrew would never let go of him. So, was what Haley said true?

"If Vincent didn't fall into a desperate situation, how could he take the initiative to talk to Andrew?"

Taking a sip of the milk flavored pudding, Haley cast a cold glance at Anna and said, "You know how arrogant Vincent is. He has never spoken to someone who has conflict with him. I'm so surprised at you that you can't even notice such a detail? Are you out of your mind? "

Anna was shocked again. What Haley said made sense. Vincent had always been arrogant and cold. How could he take the initiative to talk to Andrew?

With her heart heating heavily, Anna pretended to be calm and said to Haley, "I don't know what you are talking about." Then she went to the bathroom. She was in a mess now. All she could think about was that Vincent had suffered a great loss for her. She felt like a needle stabbing into her heart, making her terribly painful.

Why was Vincent so stupid that he not to tell her what had happened! She was only immersed in her own happiness, but ignored Vincent's toil these days!

She was so stupid!

"Do you know that Charley's girlfriend is the model named Suzan? I heard that she was born in a poor family and her family owed a lot of usury, so she became a model. But not long after she started her career, she was liked by Charley. He spoiled her and tried every means to help her gain fame. Why is she so lucky to meet such a young golden bachelor? She is so enviable! "

Anna's attention was temporarily attracted by the conversation between the women in the cubicle. So, Charley abandoned their sister Addy for such a woman?

Taking a deep breath in front of the mirror, Anna calmed herself down and walked out. She would like to meet this woman named Suzan on behalf of Addy!


However, as soon as she walked out of the ladies' room, she bumped into a person. Out of politeness, she immediately apologized, "I'm sorry to bump into you. Are you okay?"

Lowering her head, the woman's black hair covered her face. She gave off a light and peaceful fragrance and said in a hurry that she was all right before entering the bathroom. Out of curiosity, Anna felt that the woman seemed to have suffered something. Before she could ask more, she heard Vincent's voice. "What's wrong? You have been there for such a long time. Do you feel uncomfortable? "

Anna shook her head. An unspeakable feeling surged up in her heart. Because he has been paying attention to her all the time, so he knew that she had been in the bathroom for a long time?

"Vincent, I..."

She wanted to ask him something about Andrew, but he held her waist and walked out. "Since you are well, let's go. The banquet is about to begin. Charley is going to show up."

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