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   Chapter 21 Scums Must Be Struck By Lightning And Thunder

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Harland knew that Anna would say something like that. He raised his eyebrows and said gently, "You don't know my happiness because you are not me. Anna, I know you have worked in HY Club. I know what happened to you after I left. I just want to say sorry for what happened to you. It's my fault. If I hadn't left, you wouldn't have lived like this. I owe you during the past twelve years. So, as long as there is a slight chance, I won't give up on you. I want to make up for you and try my best to make up for the past twelve years. So, you don't have to tell me to give up on you. I won't do that. "

"Harland, I..."

"Anna, I know you're with Vincent now, but trust me, he's not suitable for you."

With a deep look in his amber eyes, Harland said again, "I have known you since I was very young. I know better than anyone else that what you want is peace and warmth of home, but Vincent can't give you these. You will only get hurt if you continue to be with him."

Anna didn't respond. Of course she knew that it was difficult for her to marry into the Lu family with her family.

But was she going to give up this love just because it was difficult? This was not the style of Anna.

"You are still as stubborn as you were when you were a child."

Sighing helplessly, Harland continued, "Anna, time will prove what I said. The relationship between you and Vincent is not as simple as you think. You will suffer a lot someday, but you don't have to be afraid. I will always be behind you. I will never leave you again."

Looking at the woman in front of him, Harland wanted to touch her fair face, but he knew that she wouldn't allow it, so he didn't want to.

"Anna, do you know how much I regret leaving you twelve years ago? If time can go back, I will never miss any opportunity to protect you even if I lose everything. "

These were the words that Harland had left for Anna before he left. Standing in front of the window of the corridor, Anna crossed her arms and was deep in thought. 'Has he already known what happened to her after he left?' she wondered.

That was really a painful past.

"Addy was dumped by that man."

Not knowing when, Mandy had already stood beside her. She lit a lady's cigarette, and slowly exhaled a wisp of smoke from her red lips. She sighed slightly and said, "How glorious was Addy in HY Club back then! Many men came for her, but she fell in love with a young man who had nothing. She even gave up everything she had in HY Club, wealth and reputation, just to follow him out regardless of his own will, but what's the result? "

With a sneer, Mandy's bright eyes were filled with a trace of viciousness. "That man succeeded by relying on Addy, but later he kicked her away. How could such a bad man not be struck by lightning? Why didn't he be hit by thunders? "'

Anna had thought of the reason why Addy came back. She sighed and looked away. "What is reliable in this world?"

Addy, who was so strong and excellent, would be dumped one day. This world was simply brutal!

"Anna, we can't let Addy suffer this."

She turned around and looked at Anna with a serious face. Mandy stubbed out the cigarette in her hand, her bright black eyes were filled with hatred. "She has led us all the way to grow up. Without her, we wouldn't have been where we are today. Now that she's back, it's time for us to do something for her."

Anna frowned. "What do you want to do?"


The sudden voice of Vincent startled Anna. Vincent? When di

d he come here?

"Mr. Vincent."

Crossing her arms across her chest, Mandy turned around and walked up to him. With a charming smile on her face, she said, "I took the initiative to look for Anna. I know you don't like her to have any contact with me, but we have been friends for so many years, so I have to say something to her. You are broad-minded and don't have to be angry with her. If you want to blame someone, just blame me."

With knitted brows, Vincent took a glance at Mandy and walked towards Anna. He held her hand and walked past Mandy without saying a word.

But the calmer he was, the more nervous Anna became. When the car stopped at an intersection she explained in a low voice, "I know it's my fault to meet Mandy without telling you in advance, but I really have to come here. I...

"No need to explain."

He stepped on the gas and looked straight ahead. "You can see whoever you want to see in the future. I won't interfere with you anymore."

Anna was stunned. Apparently, she didn't expect Vincent to say so. "Vincent, I didn't mean to make you angry. Please be like this. I know I was wrong, okay?"

"I'm not angry."

After parking the car at the roadside, Vincent's beautiful eyes reflected her grievance and helplessness. He pinched her face and held her in his arms again. "Didn't you ask me to give you more trust? Here you are. I trust you. So you can see whoever you want to see in the future. I won't give you so many restrictions. "

Since he loved him, he should choose to believe her.

Last night, when Vincent held Anna who called his name in his sleep, he realized this.

"Are you really not going to interfere in my meeting with Mandy?"

Anna asked in disbelief. Surprised and moved, she exclaimed, "you're so kind, Vincent! I'm so happy! Thank you! "

Vincent smiled indulgently. Why was she so happy?

Forget it. Let her do whatever she want in the future.

"I can promise you that you can meet Mandy, but I won't allow you to meet a man with her, let alone you do something out of line with her. I have to make it clear to you. If I do that behind me -- HMM --"

Before Vincent could finish his words, Anna couldn't help but hug his neck and kiss him excitedly. "Okay, my Mr. Lu, I know what I should do and what I shouldn't. Don't worry!"

She would never fail his trust.

However, to her surprise, Vincent swallowed silently and his dark eyes were greedy. "Anna, did you do it on purpose? Don't you know that once you touch me, it will harden? "

Ahem, Anna turned Vincent's head and fastened her seat belt. "Drive. Drive first. You haven't told me why you came to find me yet."

Speaking of this, Vincent became serious again. "There is a dinner party tonight. You go with me."

As soon as she heard the word "dinner", Anna would become nervous. "Isn't it possible that you are having dinner with someone like Andrew again?"


When they arrived at a high-end women's clothing shop, Vincent opened his mouth again. "He is a real estate developer who has recently moved into L City. I heard that he has made several hundred million dollars in two years and is very promising. In the evening, he held the opening banquet of his latest project and sent me an invitation. I'm interested in such a person. I just want to take you there to have a look."

Anna nodded. She didn't care as long as Vincent was interested in it. But when she heard the man's name, Anna's heart skipped a beat. What was his name? Charley Shen?

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