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   Chapter 20 Addy Is Back

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The second morning, when Anna woke up, she felt sore all over her body. 'Vincent is really strong. He tortured me until four or five o'clock in the morning, ' she thought! She didn't even have the strength to get up!

"Mrs. Lu, I'm coming in."

Darcy's voice came from outside. Anna quickly put on her pajamas to cover the hickeys on her body. "Good morning, Darcy."

"It's already ten o'clock. It's still early?"

With a loving look, she sent the breakfast to the bedside. Darcy continued, "Mr. Lu told me that you might not be able to get up this morning, so he asked me to make some nutritious soup for you. What else do you want to eat? I'll cook for you."

Anna's face flushed bright red. Did Vincent have to say that?! Did he want everyone to know that he was proud of his fighting capacity?! !

"Just put it here. I don't have anything special to eat. Darcy, you can cook whatever for me."

At this moment, she just wanted to find a hole in the ground to hide! !

Finally, Darcy left. Anna tried to steady her heartbeat. She leaned against the headboard and drank soup, feeling very satisfied. In fact, Vincent cared about her very much. What should she do to make him happy?

"Buzz, buzz, buzz..."

Suddenly, her phone vibrated, interrupting Anna's thoughts. She looked at the word "Mandy" on the screen, and pressed the answer key after a moment of hesitation, "Mandy, what's wrong?"

"Anna, I know that you don't want to have any contact with people like us after you are with Vincent and he certainly won't let you have any contact with us, but I think I have to tell you about it. You'd better come to the hospital now. Addy is back."

Hearing that, Anna was stunned. Addy is back?

She quickly changed her clothes and rushed to the hospital. She found them according to the ward number sent by Mandy. As expected, she saw a slightly pale woman lying on the bed. "Addy!"

Addy was Anna's manager who had been in HY Club for a long time. At that time, Anna had been taken good care of by Addy. In the past few years, she had always treated Addy as her own sister, and Mandy, who entered HY Club at the same time with her, had also received much help from her. If it weren't for Addy's recommendation, she wouldn't have been able to replace her place after she had left.

"Anna is here too?"

Although Addy was lying on the bed, she was in a good mood. As soon as Anna walked to the edge of the bed, she gave her a big bear hug, which almost made her out of breath. "Mandy, look at you. Anna has already been with Vincent. She should have kept a distance from us. Why did you call her here again? Does Vincent know? Will he be angry? How about you go back? I'm fine now. I just eat too much and have diarrhea. I'll be fine after infusion. "

"How could you say that? You are my sister. How can I not be with you when you are sick? I don't know how much injustice I would have suffered if it weren't for your care in the past. It's my duty to take care of you now. "

Holding Addy's hand, Anna raised her head to look at Mandy and asked, "When did Addy come back? Why didn't you tell me until now? Mandy, you are so mean. You can't just keep everything a secret from me if I leave."

"Who dares to contact you?"

Mandy said in a seemingly jealous tone, "In my opinion, Anna, you are the most ungrateful one. You haven't come back to see me since you were with Vincent. It seems that you don't know me in your life. I don't know who said that she would come to see me and would miss me!"


Anna was rendered spee

chless. She wanted to have a talk with Mandy, but Vincent said---, "Come on. Before you met Anna, you had missed her so much that you always mentioned her. Now you see her, but you should keep scolding her. Don't you want to ask her how she is going?"

His words made Mandy's eyes turn red. She endured her concern and complained, "I don't miss her. I won't ask her."

"You have a warm and soft heart."

Addy glanced at her and then put her hand and Anna's hand together. "You two can be counted as growing up in my eyes. I've led so many ladies, but none of them have as good relationship as you two. You have to remember that no matter what happens in the future, you can't fall out with each other. I'll be proud of you two!"

Anna replied with a sweet smile. She held Mandy's hand and said something nice to Mandy. The relationship between them was eased. At this time, it's time for doctors to make the rounds of the wards. Seeing that it was a male doctor and he was so handsome, Addy immediately lay on the bed and ouch, pretending to be painful. "Doctor, please check on me. My heart hurts. Please check me. What's wrong with me? Am I dying? What should I do, doctor? I'm so scared of death. Come and comfort me! "

This was Addy's usual way of flirting with handsome men. Mandy tried her best to hold back her laughter, but Anna was embarrassed. The doctor whose hand was caught by Addy was none other than Harland.


Politely, Harland withdrew his hand. With a red face, he glanced at Anna and asked, "your friend?"

Embarrassed, Anna nodded. Out of her expectation, Addy and Mandy ask her in the same time again, "Do you know this handsome man?"

Anna nodded again, "Addy, let me introduce to you. This is Dr. Qin, Harland, and this is---"

"I'm Mandy!"

Mandy had always been forthright. She patted her chest and leaned closer to Harland, blinking her charming eyes and saying in a low voice, "I'm HY Club's Madam. I can find whatever kind of woman Dr. Qin likes for you. If you need anything, just call me and I'll turn on my phone twenty-four hours a day!"

Anna broke out in a cold sweat. Mandy had a relapse again!

"Hello, Harland!"

Addy also got excited. She sat up from the bed in high spirits and grabbed Harland's hand. "Oh, no, it's Professor Qin. I'm Addy, the sister of Anna. I'm twenty-eight years old and unmarried. I'm 1.68 meters tall, and the measurements of my chest, waist, and hips are 90, 60 and90. Professor Qin, if you think I'm not bad, you can accept me. I like young men like you!"

Harland was so awkward had never seen such a patient for so many years of his career.

"Addy, stop it. Harland can't stand it!"

Even Anna, who worked with them, had to keep her heart in her mouth for one hundred times. Pushing Harland out, she turned around and said, "You guys talk first. I'll be back in a few words with Harland!"

She didn't want Harland to know that she had worked in HY Club, but now she couldn't hide it anymore.

"I'm sorry, Harland. My two sisters always make jokes. Please don't be angry."

"It doesn't matter."

"I'd like to have more communication with your friends, so that I can know more about you."

Anna smiled bitterly. "Why do you want to know me? It's meaningless. You should have heard it just now. My sister is working in HY Club. I used to be a barmaid here. If it weren't for Vincent, I might still be there now. "

"So, Harland, I don't deserve you to do this for me. You should give up me and find a better girl, and you should be treated better."

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