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   Chapter 18 A Man's Revenge

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HT Club was as powerful as HY Club in L City. Hearing the name, Anna frowned. Why did Vincent go there?

She took a taxi to HT Club. Led by a waiter, she entered a private room. As expected, she saw Vincent sitting among many beautiful women. He was pretty drunk.

Taking a deep breath, Anna tried her best to suppress her anger. She pretended not to care about it. She looked at Vincent, who was surrounded by a lot of women, and said, "Vincent, you're really in a good mood. With so many beautiful women around, no wonder you're unwilling to go home. Nothing there is as good as here."

'I cooked hard for you at home, but you are here for fun.' Anna felt sad.

However, Vincent was still drinking the wine handed over by the women beside him, as if he hadn't seen or heard her at all.

In a fit of pique, Anna gulped down a glass of wine. Seeing that Vincent had no intention to restrain himself, she walked up to him and poured wine for the women next to him. "Fill the glass for Mr. Vincent. Don't you know his habits? You can't stop serving him wines! He would be unhappy even if he drank a drop less! I say all of you are stupid. Why don't you inquire about his habits before tonight? Don't you know if you serve him well, you can have a rest and become a rich lady since then?"

Then she picked up a glass of wine and looked into his eyes. "Mr. Vincent, am I right?"

Vincent remained silent, but he drank up the wine that the woman handed him. His broad hands held her back. Anger grew stronger in Anna's heart. He asked her to pick him up from here? No! It was obvious that he wanted her to watch a good show!

"Mr. Vincent, it's getting late. If you want to continue the fun, enjoy yourself. I'm going home to sleep!"

She quitted the game, okay? He was free to do whatever he liked!


The word stuck out from his Adam's apple. Vincent pointed at Anna with his trembling arm, and asked her to sit down. "Sit here quietly before I ask you to leave. You are not allowed to go anywhere! !"

Wasn't she angry with him and quarreled with him because she thought he was a villain who followed and monitored her? Well, she's going to experience the feeling of jealousy tonight! He would like to see how long she could hold on! !


Seeing that Anna sat down angrily, Vincent pointed at the woman closest to him and patted the seat beside him. "Come and sit here."

Every woman in L City knew Vincent. The woman who was ordered was as happy and proud as a concubine who was summoned to serve the emperor in ancient times. She sat down beside Vincent with a coquettish smile and said, "Mr. Vincent, I'm coming..."

Anna shuddered. 'Wow, the Miss from HT Club is good at pleasing men. I almost couldn't control myself!' she exclaimed inwardly!

"Mr. Vincent, do you want to drink or play something else? I'm good at singing and dancing. How about I dance for you?"

Without saying a word, Vincent was still gloomy. His aura was still strong, and there was a terrifying aura all over his body. He gave a cold glance at Anna, and suddenly clasped the back of Amy's head, getting closer and closer to the face covered with inferior foundation make-up. It seemed that he wanted to kiss her.

Anna was on the verge of exploding, but her sanity didn't allow her to act immediately. She didn't believe that Vincent could kiss the girl!

It turned out that a drunk man could really do everything that was supposed to be impossible. Seeing that Vincent's sexy and perfect thin lips was really approaching the woman's red lips, Anna couldn't sit still any longer. She angrily went forward and slap

ped the woman. She roared with all her strength, "If you dare to take one more step forward, I'll tear you apart!"

"Who the hell are you?! Are you insane?"

Not only did she not kiss the prince charming, but she also got a slap in the face. Amy was very angry. She stood up aggressively to confront with Anna, but was frightened by the broken bottle in her hand. "One more shout! If you dare to shout again, the next thing you will see is blood!"


Amy was angry, but she couldn't do anything. She wasn't allowed to fight with the guests in HT Club!

After subduing Amy, Anna turned to Vincent and said coldly, "It's getting late. Come home with me."

She would never make him angry again. Men were too vindictive!

But Vincent ignored her. He looked at Anna and asked coldly, "Who the hell are you? Do I know you?"

Anna's heart broke. Although she knew he was angry, she couldn't help feeling heartbroken!

"Okay, you won't go with me, will you? Don't regret it!"

Anna stormed out of the room. She was about to explode! She had texted him to apologize, and didn't lose her temper in front of so many people, but he hurt her again and again. Well, in that case, let him be happy alone!

"Anna? Why are you here?"

As she was trying to take a taxi at a crossroad, an Aston Martin stopped in front of her. The window rolled down. Seeing the handsome face of Harland, Anna greeted, "Hi, Harland."

"It's so late. Where are you going? Would you like to take a ride?"

"No, thanks."

With a forced smile, she tightened her clothes and walked forward. It was because of him that she got angry with Vincent in the daytime. If she got in his car, she didn't know how crazy he would be.

"What's wrong, Anna?"

Harland didn't let her go. He got out of the car and caught up with her. He stopped her and asked with concern, "It's so late. Why are you in HT Club? What happened?"

"I'm fine. I'm really fine."

Pushing his hand away, Anna, who had been tortured by Vincent, didn't dare to have any contact with any man. "Harland, leave me alone, okay? I'm fine. Don't worry about me. Just go back home. I'm leaving now."

"Why are you alone outside at late night if everything is fine? Anna, you are hiding something from me."

When Harland stopped in front of Anna again, his amber eyes lit up. Under the moonlight, he frowned, showing his concern and worry for her. "Didn't you say that you already had a boyfriend? Didn't you say that your boyfriend was very good to you? If what you said is true, why are you still here? I'm worried about you, Anna. I missed you twelve years ago. Twelve years later, I can't see you unhappy. Come with me. Let me take you home."

"Harland, let go of me -"

Anna didn't expect this! "I'm really fine. Let go of me. I can leave myself!"

"Let her go!"

The sudden anger shocked Anna. Was this Vincent?

After taking a closer look, she found that he had already raised his fist and smashed it on Harland's face. "How dare you touch my girl, bastard! I'll kill you!"

After being punched, Harland took a few steps back. Worried about him, Anna walked up to him and asked, "Are you okay, Harland?"

Feeling angry about what Vincent had done, she came back to him with a cold face and questioned, "Vincent, are you crazy?! Why are you desperate to hit someone?! Are you insane?"

Vincent was so furious that he couldn't vent his anger. He hit the man who kept pestering her, but she yelled at him?

"Anna, you..."


Before he finished, Harland walked up to them, covered his slapped face and asked, "Why are you here?"


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