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   Chapter 17 Seeing A Man Outside

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Silently drawing her hand back, Anna lowered her head and chuckled. She sighed, "Harland, I'm grateful that you still remember me after such a long time, but we are not meant to be together."

Even if she wasn't with Vincent now, Harland's mother would never allow them to be together.

For fear that Harland might ruin his future for Anna, his family moved to the United States.

"Annie, are you hesitating because of my mom? Don't worry. I'll handle it myself. Twelve years ago, I was too young to neither resist my parents' orders nor give you what you want. But now things are different. I'm not that young man anymore. I'm capable and willing to give you happiness. Anna, just let me handle all the problems. Can you give me one more chance to make it up to you, please?"

Although he had been to America for twelve years, he had never forgotten the woman in front of him the whole time. He even came back for her.

"I'm sorry, Harland."

"I already have a boyfriend. He's very kind to me. And I like him very much," said Anna with a smile.

Although she didn't know if she could be with him forever, at least she was sure that Vincent would be the first and last person she loved.

Taking a deep breath, Anna stood up and bowed to him. "Thank you, Harland. But I can't accept it. If you don't mind, I'll leave my mother's illness to you. Please pay more attention to her."

After leaving the cafe, Anna took a taxi back to the villa. Meeting an old friend brought her a lot to think about.

If he hadn't left, they would have-- "Where have you been?"

Vincent had returned to the villa. Seeing him sitting in the living room in a gloomy look, Anna was confused, but she still walked up to him and said, "I went to the hospital. You know what? Today my mother-"

"Did you go to the hospital or see a man?"

What he said blocked all the words that Anna wanted to say. Sitting next to him, she looked at his gloomy face and felt powerless. "Vincent, what do you mean?"

Her mother almost died of oxygen failure, but he asked her if she had gone to see a man?

"What do I mean? Don't you know what I mean?"

Anger was burning in his black eyes. He suddenly stood up from the sofa, giving off a terrifying aura, like a devil from hell. He suddenly reached out his hand and grabbed Anna's chin. His eyes were cold. "Right after I left the villa, you went to the hospital to seduce men, didn't you? Do you have to be so bitchy like before?"

Anna's heart ached as if it had been hit by something heavy. He said she was bitchy?

"Yes, I have forgotten that I am the barmaid of the HY Club. How can I not be bitchy?"

A mocking smile tugged at the corner of her pink lips. Anna thought that he would never say that again after their relationship stabilized. But it turned out that in his heart, she was always a barmaid!

"Don't you dare talk to me like that!"

All of a sudden, he tightened his grip on her chin. In a rage, he said, "Did I say something wrong? I saw you flirting with another man in a cafe near the hospital. How can you explain that to me? Anna, I've been so nice to you these days that you've forgotten my warning? I have told you that you are not allowed to meet any man without my permission, let alone any physical contact!"

Anna felt he was so unreasonable! When did she have any physical contact with Harland?

"Vincent, don't judge me with any dirty thoughts! I didn't do a

nything wrong. Don't make trouble out of nothing! But you, why are you following me again and again?! If you don't believe me, you can get me out of your house! I, Anna, don't want to live under surveillance all day long!"

The same thing happened when she found Mandy last time. A kind-hearted man helped her with her luggage, but he slandered her when she went back! She had had enough of such insult!

"I followed you?"

When did I follow you? I just received a call from the hospital, saying that your mother was in bad health, so I went there to check on her. That's why I saw you tryst with another man in the cafe!"

Anna was speechless all of a sudden. 'So, he cares about my mother that much in private?' Anna thought.

"Vincent, I..."

She wanted to explain to him calmly, but he left directly. Anna wanted to follow him, but he had already got in the car and left. Looking at the direction he left, Anna felt that she was too reckless. How could she not help but be angry with him?

"Madam, in fact, Mr. Vincent cares about you very much."

Darcy sat next to her when she went back to the living room. "You have been uncomfortable these days, and you go to bed early every day. Most of the time, when you have already gone to bed, I saw Mr. Vincent busy in the study. I have heard several times that he was discussing with his friends about your mother's condition. I can see that he is very concerned about you and your mother, but he never told you that."

"Besides, Mr. Vincent has never done such a despicable thing as tracking. Last time when you went back to pack up your clothes, he rushed there after you because he was afraid that you might get hurt. You really misunderstood his intention."

Sitting on the sofa with her arms crossed over her legs, Anna could only curse herself for being too stupid. She looked at Darcy and said, "Darcy, I know I was wrong. Can I coax him back now?"

She was a fool. Vincent misunderstood her and got jealous and crazy only because he loved her and cared about her. She should be happy for it, not angry! 'Anna, Anna, you are such an idiot!'

"As long as you explain to him, he will forgive you. After all, he likes you so much and won't be angry with you for long."

Anna felt a little bit better after she heard that. She forced a smile and went to the kitchen with Darcy. "Vincent has a stomachache. Let's cook something delicious for him. I'll cook. Can you help me? I haven't cooked for him yet."

"All right, all right, my lady."

After a busy afternoon, Anna cooked four of her best dishes. She sent messages to apologize over and over again, saying that she had prepared dinner and waited for him to come back. However, from evening to midnight, she didn't receive any reply from him, nor did she see him.

Darcy suggested that she should go to bed first, but Anna insisted to wait for him. She still crossed her arms over her legs, and her little finger accidentally touched a scar with dozens of centimeters on her ankle.

If Vincent had noticed the scar when he bathed her, she would have almost forgotten it. It seemed that it was caused by her carelessness when she was a child. She couldn't remember it clearly after so many years.

"Buzz, buzz, buzz..."

The sudden vibration of her phone startled Anna. She picked it up in a hurry and heard a strange voice. "Is that Miss Anna? Mr. Vincent asked you to pick him up at the HT Club."

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