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   Chapter 14 Suffering Atrocity

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Vincent didn't expect that Anna would say such words! His black eyes were filled with anger. He put out the cigarette between his fingers and said word by word, "what did you say? Say it again! "

How dare she say something like that in front of him!

However, Anna didn't fear his domineering manner. She held Andrew's arm and smiled warmly like a blooming rose, "I said I would go with Mr. Cheng. He is so kind to me. Aren't you, Mr. Cheng?"

Didn't he ask her to handle Andrew? She was following his instructions! Was there any fault with her?

Andrew didn't expect that Anna would change her attitude so abruptly. She had refused him just now, but now——

However, who would refuse a woman who was willing to throw herself at you?

"Let's go, baby. Don't worry. I'll take you away right now."

He walked up to Vincent with Anna and patted him on the shoulder, "Mr. Vincent, I'm satisfied with our cooperation. I'll accept whatever condition you put forth!"

Vincent's eyes were burning with anger! Anna just can't wait to leave with another man! Was she so thirst for men? He couldn't satisfy her desire?

In that case, don't blame him for taking advantage of her as a tool!

No one knew how sad Anna was when she left ZT Club. It was Vincent who pushed her to Andrew. Why did he still look angry? It's so ridiculous. Vincent is really good at acting.

"Honey, don't be upset. I'm taking you to the hotel now,"

Holding Anna's hand, he walked into the presidential suite. As soon as he pushed the door open, Andrew couldn't wait to press down on her. "Let me smell. Your body smells so good. How can you be so charming, Anna? My soul is almost taken away by you! "

However, Anna didn't make any response. She only knew that she was performing the task asked by Vincent, which is to sleep with another man. "Ouch---"

Hearing this, Anna seemed to gradually regain her sanity. The unpleasant smell of alcohol from Andrew made her sick. She pushed him away and wrapped herself with the quilt to keep away from him. "Don't get close to me! No! Go away! Go away! "

Why should she obey Vincent's arrangement? No way!

"What's wrong with you, Anna?"

Caught off guard, Andrew was extremely unhappy. He glared at her, approached her again and pulled off the quilt on her body, "I don't know what happened between you and Vincent, but I tell you, after following me into this room today, you don't think about going out again! From now on, you are my woman. As long as you listen to me, I will make you live a comfortable life! "

Unwilling to accept his conditions, Anna took the remote control and other stuff from the bedside table and threw them at Andrew, "I don't want to be with you! I won't be with anyone! I will never be at the mercy of anyone! "

She would pay off the money she owed HY Club by herself, and she would also return the five hundred thousand dollars in the hospital to Vincent. She wanted to be quits with Vincent, and she wanted to be quits with everyone! !

"Are you playing house with me? You think that can do whatever you want? "

Unable to hold back his anger, Andrew grabbed Anna's arm and tied her with the bed sheet, "I think you still don't know how capable I am to tame women! Don't ever try to get out of my hand again! "

"Let go of me! Let go of me! "

Anna kept struggling, but Andrew pulled out his belt from his waist and slapped her hard. Hearing her scream, the flesh on his face began to tremble,

"Do you like this?"

"You bastard, Andrew!"

When she worked in HY Club, she had heard that some men had such a special hobby on bed. It never occurred to Anna that she would meet such a man one day!

"You'd better let me go now, or I'll call the police to arrest you! I will sue you for rape! "

"Ha ha! Sue! Go ahead! "

While laughing, Andrew kept whipping Anna's body. Her clothes were torn into pieces by his belt, and her white skin and bright red blood were extremely eye-catching. But he was very excited. Moreover, he took out candles from the room and said in front of her face gloomily, "little baby, you don't know, do you? I'm this hotel's frequenter, and they all know my fondness, so they have prepared what I need in advance. Look at this red candle, so beautiful. If I burn it and drop the wax on you, it must be more beautiful. I can't wait. Are you looking forward to it too? "


She spat on his face and regretted having been so impulsive to come out with such a scumbag! "Don't forget, Andrew, I'm Vincent's woman. Have you thought about the consequences of treating me like this?"

"Ha-ha, Vincent? Are you still thinking about Vincent? I think you don't know him at all! "

Wiping off the saliva on his face, Andrew didn't seem to mind what she did at all. He found a lighter to light the candles, and continued, "Vincent values his dignity most. Just now you said that in front of me, he wouldn't want you no matter how much he likes you. You are beautiful, but your background is not good. He will never harm his career for a hostess like you. Otherwise, why did he bring you out and send you to me? So, Anna, just accept your fate. No one will come to save you tonight, and no one will oppose me in the future. You are destined to be mine! "

Biting her lower lip, Anna didn't say anything. How could she not know that she would make Vincent angry by doing that? But it was he who pushed her out first! She was also a human being, and she also had feelings, so she did such a thing in grief and indignation!

"Look, the candles are burning. How beautiful they are!"

His vicious eyes were lit up by the red candles. Andrew put it on Anna's body and said with a vicious smile, "you have to shout loudly later. The louder you shout, the more excited I will be."

How could Anna be obedient to him? But she was really afraid of pain! Her body had been badly mutilated by Jacob's slap——


When she was worried, the door of the presidential suite was kicked open, Vincent's cold and gloomy face came into view. Seeing that Anna had been tortured like this, he clenched his fists and blue veins stood out. Blowing out the candles on her body and throwing them away, he held Andrew's tie in one hand and said, "Andrew! You're courting death! !"

The iron fist hit directly at the bridge of his nose. It was so painful that Andrew couldn't help but stepping back. With nosebleed, he covered his nose and scolded Vincent, "Vincent, why are you here? Who told you to come here? It was your woman who took the initiative to go with me. You can't make trouble again! "

How could Vincent care so much? Taking off his coat and putting it on Anna's body, he walked to Andrew, "You know that Anna is my woman, so what she said doesn't count! How can a woman make decision for me? Now I give you three seconds. If you don't get out in three seconds, I'll let you know how it feels to fall from the more than 60 floor! !"

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