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   Chapter 13 You Know What To Do

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On the way, Anna wore a smile on her face. Although Vincent didn't answer her question directly, she could tell from Darcy's eyes that he was very satisfied with her. Looking at the scenery outside the window, Anna was surprised that Vincent could affect her mood like this.

"The person who will have dinner with us is surnamed Cheng. You know what to do later."

The low-key but luxurious Bentley stopped in front of ZT Club. Hearing what Vincent said, Anna was stunned. Didn't he specially bring her here for dinner?

She almost blurted out and asked what she should do. From Vincent's eyes, Anna quickly understood her task later. What was her job in the past?

She was the hostess of HY Club. What else could Vincent ask her to do this time? A hostess!

Otherwise, how could he raise her for nothing?

Holding back her tears and sadness, Anna forced a smile and said, "I know. Of course I know. Mr. Vincent, don't worry. I promise I'll make you satisfied."

It turned out that Vincent took her out of HY Club only for his own use. In other words, she just changed the place of work. Ha-ha, it was so funny!

"Hello, Mr. Vincent."

Sure enough, a man over forty years old was waiting in the private room. When he saw Vincent come in, he stood to shake hands with him, and his eyes turned greedy when looking at Anna, "Who is she?"

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Cheng. I'm Vincent's partner, Anna. I've heard a lot about you. You looks as charming and imposing as I heard of before."

Upon hearing this, Andrew Cheng burst into laughter. He held Anna's hand and said, "Miss An is really the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. Look at this hand. It smells good."

Anna withdrew her hand without in a natural way. She smiled and poured a glass of wine for Andrew, "Mr. Cheng, you are making fun of me. Please have a seat. I'm late, so I'm willing to punish myself by drinking three glasses of wine."

"You can drink? Good, good, I love heroine like you! I'll drink this glass of wine too! "

After three glasses of wine, Anna still smiled happily, but Vincent's face was already very gloomy. He said to Andrew coldly and stiffly, "Mr. Cheng, let's talk about the cooperation first."

"Okay, okay, Mr. Vincent, please go ahead."

Although his eyes were already fixed on Vincent, it was obvious that his attention was still focused on Anna. Andrew moved closer to her, put his arm on the chair where Anna was sitting, and stroked her soft and smooth shoulder with his rough finger pulp.

All of a sudden, Vincent's breath became heavier. With a sharp look in his eyes, he deliberately moved the seat of Anna to his side, trying to control his temper, "Anna, didn't you just say that you had a stomachache just now?"

Anna was stunned for a moment. Then she quickly saw what he meant and apologized to Andrew, "Mr. Cheng, I'm sorry. I want to go to the bathroom. You guys talk first. I'll be back soon."

Andrew nodded reluctantly. Anna had already walked out of the private room, but he didn't take his eyes back. Vincent coughed patiently, and said viciously, "Mr. Cheng, let's have a talk now."

It took Anna a full minute to swallow the grievance in her heart again. Who would have expected that the man who had saved her, give

n her hope and support would push her into another abyss of suffering? Anna smiled sarcastically at herself in the mirror. She had thought that she was a little different from other women in Vincent's eyes. But now it seemed that it was nothing but her imagination!

"My beauty, why are you still here?"

Suddenly, Andrew had entered the ladies' room. Seeing that Anna was standing at the wash basin, he couldn't wait to hug her from behind...

Anna didn't expect that this man would come to the bathroom. Unprepared, she pushed Andrew away and said, "Mr. Cheng, please stop doing this. Here is the bathroom. It's not good for you to do this here. Besides, I'm brought here by Vincent. If he knows that you treat me like this, he will be angry."

"Are you still pretending?"

Andrew said with a vicious smile, "everyone knows that you are the woman brought out by Vincent from HY Club. What reason you think he redeemed a barmaid for? It's because he intended to use your capital to bring benefit to his business. Since he could take you here today, it means that he agrees to let me treat you in the way I like. He should have told you about this."

Anna didn't know what to say. Was that "you know what to do later" the way Vincent informing her?

"Look, I know that Vincent will arrange everything in advance."

Andrew's approach disgusted Anna, but the sadness in her heart had almost engulfed her. How could Vincent just push her away to another man?

"Mr. Cheng, please don't..."

Anna refused again and again. Obviously, she didn't want to accept the fact, "I'm Vincent's woman. Don't touch me."

"Don't mention Vincent anymore, okay? !"

The man seemed to mind hearing someone else's name from his beloved woman. His fat and powerful hand tightly pinched Anna's face. With a fierce look in his eyes, Andrew said, "just now, Vincent said that as long as I like you, I'm your master from now on. I don't allow you to mention that person again. Do you understand?! !"

Did Vincent really say that?

Bearing the bitterness in her heart, Anna didn't say anything. At this moment, Andrew patted her delicate face and said, "Don't worry. As long as you are obedient, I won't treat you rudely."

Holding her arms, Andrew forced her to go out and said, "I can give you everything that Vincent can give you. As long as you are willing to be with me, I will make you the happiest woman in L City!"

Anna's heart and soul were all destroyed by Vincent's words that she can be taken away by Andrew as long as he likes her. With a stiff face, she was pushed away by Andrew. As soon as she walked out of the ladies' room, she saw Vincent's cold face. Putting his hand in his pocket and a cigarette in the other hand, he glanced at Anna and Andrew in the smoke, "Mr. Cheng, where are you taking my woman?"

Before Andrew could say anything, Anna's red lips had been raised high. She held Andrew's arm in her initiative and said with a charming smile, "Mr. Vincent, Mr. Cheng just said she liked me and wanted to take me away. I also like him too. So I won't go back with you tonight. You can go back by yourself."

Anna gave Andrew a charming smile and said, "Mr. Cheng, what are you waiting for? Let's go. I can't wait any longer! "

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