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   Chapter 12 The Woman He Bought

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She carried her luggage back to the villa, out of breath. As soon as she entered the living room, Anna saw Vincent's gloomy face. "You're back," he said.

Wiping the sweat off her nose, Anna was about to say hello to Vincent and thank him for his concern and care for her in the past two days but he asked in a voice filled with sarcasm, "where have you been?"

"I went to Mandy's place."

Anna told him the truth. Her clear eyes looked innocent, "I haven't contacted her for a few days and she is a little worried, so I went to meet her to make some explanations and brought my belongings here by the way."

"Was the person you met Mandy or a man?"

The unfriendly question made Anna a little uncomfortable, but she managed to put on a smile and replied, "What are you talking about? What man did meet? I really just went to Mandy's place. If you don't believe me--- "

"Anna! How dare you lie to me! "

All of a sudden, Vincent stood up from the sofa and grabbed her white neck. With red eyes opening wide, he said angrily, "I've seen you go downstairs with a man at the same time. Why are you still lying to me? Do you really think I'm three years old?! !"

How worried was he about her safety when she was in a coma? But what about her? She can't wait to find a man in Mandy's house after you wake up! Was she so impatient?! !

At this moment, Vincent behaved violently, and his pool-like deep and cold eyes burst out a frightening cold light. Anna had never seen him like this, so she was a little nervous, "I didn't lie to you. I don't know who he is. It's true."

"You don't know him?"

With his long eyes slightly narrowing, Vincent tightened his grip bit by bit, which made her feel suffocating. "Don't you know him? Why did you talk with him happily? Anna, do you think I'm so kind that you can do whatever you want? "

"No, I don't. I..."

"Come here!"

Her throat being choked, Anna couldn't speak, but Vincent forced her back to the room, threw her onto the bed, and tore off her clothes. "Remember, Anna, you're the woman I bought, so before I let you go, you can only be mine, no matter you are alive or dead! Your body and everything you have can only belong to me! Without my permission, you are not allowed to meet other men, let alone have any contact with Mandy! I am the only person you can rely on! Do you understand?! !"

As long as he thought of the scene that she went downstairs with another man and they talked and laughed, Vincent felt as if thousands of ants were biting him in his heart, which made him extremely unhappy. Although Anna, who was under his body, was unwilling to agree to his request, she still remembered Mandy's advice. "Vincent is an influential man. She can't offend him."

So, she refrained the sadness and grievance in her heart and forced a flattering smile, "Mr. Vincent, I know what I should do. Anna will be obedient and won't make you angry again."

With a groan, the anger in Vincent's heart faded a little. Soon, he fulfilled his desire on Anna's body, and then slammed the door and left. Feeling that she had been drained, Anna silently lay on the bed, staring at the ceiling. Only her slightly frowned eyebrows proved that she was conscious.

Why was Vincent there?

For several days, Vincent didn't come to the villa. Anna, who felt relieved, went shopping with Darcy to clean the house when she had nothing else to do. Of course, she would go to the hospital to visit her mother. Vincent was indeed angry that day, but he didn't restrict her personal freedom, nor did he stop her from going to the

hospital, which made her feel very satisfied.

One day, when she went back from the hospital, it suddenly began to rain, which caught Anna off guard. She got off the taxi and ran back to the villa in the rain. As soon as she opened the door, Darcy fetched a towel for her, "Mrs. Lu, why didn't you call me when you arrived? I can pick you up. You are weak for coldness so you can't catch a cold! "

Drying her wet hair, Anna blinked at Darcy and asked, "How do you know I have body coldness?"

She didn't seem to have mentioned that.

"Mr. Lu told me about this. Last time when you fainted, he asked the doctor to thoroughly check your body. After he found that your body is cold, he repeatedly told me to pay more attention to diet. Didn't you find that what we eat is very helpful for women's body cold? This is dietary therapy, which is Mr. Lu's order."

Anna's heart skipped a beat. How could that bossy man care about such trifles? She wondered.


Anna couldn't help sneezing. She put down the towel and smiled at Darcy, "My clothes are wet. I'll go upstairs to change."

Darcy nodded, "I'm going to make a bowl of ginger soup. I'll bring it to you later."

Anna nodded and walked into the room. She sat there for a while and began to change her clothes. When the door was pushed open suddenly, she thought it was Darcy, so she didn't turn around, "It's done so soon. Darcy, please put it down. I want to take a shower first."

No one answered. Anna wondered if she had heard it wrong. When she was about to turn around and see what was going on, Vincent's handsome face appeared in front of her, "You didn't lock the door even when you changed your clothes? So casual!"

The two words sounded like sarcastic words to Anna. Suppressing the bitterness in her heart, she forced an ironic smile and said, "yes, Mr. Vincent. You're right. Women like us can change our clothes everywhere. It's even common for us to change our clothes in front of guests. Mr. Vincent, you often go to such occasions as HY Club. Don't you know that? "


Vincent was furious. He also knew it would embarrass her if he asked her that question just now. But when he thought that it might be seen by others if she didn't lock the door while changing her clothes, he was extremely unhappy. He stepped forward and raised her thin chin with his slender fingers and forced her to look at him, "Anna, listen to me. You are my woman now. You have to break your bad habits in the past. I don't allow you to do anything that might make you be coveted by others! Not even a woman! "

Only he could enjoy what belongs to him!

He threw the clothes he brought into her arms and said angrily, "change it. Go to dinner with me tonight!"

After saying that, he stormed out of the room. Anna stuck out her tongue behind him. Not allowing her to do anything that might make her be coveted? Not even a woman? Was he jealous?

Silently, Anna put on the light blue dress brought by Vincent. Looking at her curvy figure in front of the fitting mirror, a touch of shyness appeared on her delicate face. It seemed that she was pretty.

"Mrs. Lu, you are so beautiful!"

As soon as she came down and looked at Darcy, she couldn't help but sigh, "I have never seen such a beautiful girl. Do you think so, Mr. Lu?"

Vincent didn't reply, but secretly thoroughly glanced at Anna. He had always known that she was a beauty, but he didn't expect that this dress could make her so beautiful!

He cleared his throat and reached out his hand to her. "Let's go. It's not beautiful at all."

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