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   Chapter 10 Teach You A Lesson

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When she arrived at HY Club, Mandy was training a new comer. Seeing that Anna was covered in scars and wore a man's coat, she walked up to her and asked anxiously, "Anna, what's wrong with you? Who made you like this? Was it Vincent? Tell me, did he bully you again? This bastard! I'll get even with him right now! "

"No, it was not him."

Stopping Mandy, Anna asked with a livid face, "where is Haley?"

After hesitating for a while, Mandy frowned and said, "Haley? Why are you looking for her? Since she was dumped by Jack, she had been slack off. She became very annoying as if getting thorns all over her body. No one wanted her to accompany them drinking at all. She was in the dressing room. What happened, Anna? Does she have anything to do with your injury? How dare she hurt you? I'll teach her a lesson! "

"You don't have to do it."

She calmly stopped Mandy. With a sullen face, Anna walked towards the dressing room step by step. Her strong and cold aura was eye-catching. When she walked to the door, she heard the conversation inside, "Why hasn't Anna come here today? Wasn't she the most punctual one? What's wrong with her today? Doesn't she want to make money? "

Anna didn't have a good relationship with other people in HY Club. She was willing to risk her life to drink and no one could drink as much as she did. Therefore she had a good reputation which was very much to be envied. However, the most important reason was that Mandy always protected her, so these young ladies had to group up and exclude her.


Haley's chuckle came from the dressing room, "I'm afraid she won't come again!"

"She won't come? What do you mean? Did someone keep her as a mistress? "

"Ha ha! A mistress? She looked like a mistress? Stop kidding! She might not be able to stand straight after tonight! "

"Tell me what happened!"

"You want to know? I... "

"bang! !"

Before she could finish her words, Anna pushed the door open and walked arrogantly to Haley. She raised her hand and slapped her in the face. "Haley, don't you know that I most hate people talking about me behind my back? How dare you! Now you are not only talking about me, but also plotting against me! I think you don't want to stay in HY Club any longer! "

The sudden slap made the rest room quiet. All the ladies looked at each other, not knowing what had happened. Only Haley jumped up angrily and wanted to fight against Anna. "You bitch! How dare you hit me! Do you really think you are strong enough? I don't want to stay in HY Club anymore? I'm afraid that you are the one can't stay here! I tell you, Anna, I have been disliking you for a long time! Today I will let you know how powerful I am! "

"You bitch! You! ! !"

"What did you say?"

All of a sudden, Anna grabbed the woman's hair with a fierce looking, "who did you say is a bit

ch?" Anna's eyes turned red. Huh? "

"I said you!"

Unwilling to submit, Haley glared at Anna, "I said you are a bitch! You seduced Jack and made me lose my job. Aren't you a bitch? I'm going to kill you, Anna! !"

Anna knew she would say that!

Just because of this, she harbored a grudge against Anna. After Jack entering prison, she found Laura, gossiped about Anna and deliberately provoked her to hurt her. Otherwise, why did that woman say that Anna had been the mistress of Jack? How could the person in charge of the case of Jack know the existence of Anna?

Mandy had told her before that Haley also had an affair with someone in the police office!

"We all know who is despicable! Haley, you know exactly what you have done behind my back! Jack abandoned you because of your incompetence, which is not my fault. I don't interfere with anyone. I won't attack others unless I'm attacked, but if I'm attacked, I'll definitely pay back ten times! !"

"Haley, remember that I will ask Jeff to drive you out of HY Club and I will make you have no standing room in L City! There will be someday when you kneel down and beg me to forgive you! "

She had stayed in HY Club for four years, and Anna knew better than anyone else that it was necessary to eliminate the source of trouble. If she didn't subdue Haley today, she would be a hidden trouble in the future! !

Striding to the door of the private room, Anna took a deep breath.

"You little bitch, how powerful do you really think you are? Do you think you can scare me with just a few words? What a joke! I have been scared since I was a child! "

Anna's throat was suddenly held back and she felt difficult to breathe, but she didn't yield. She gritted her teeth and exerted all her strength to push Haley away from her.

Soon, she successfully restrained Haley. While angry, Anna was invincible!

Who is not afraid of death? At such a critical moment, everyone had to be a coward! Besides, she knew that Anna was a woman of her word!

"Haley, this is the last time I warn you. Be obedient from now on, or I won't spare you!"

Anna's words shocked her and she nodded repeatedly. Seeing this, Anna stood up and looked around with her cold and ruthless eyes, "Anyone who doesn't like me can directly mention it to me, but if you dare to play tricks behind my back, I will never forgive you!"

The powerful aura shocked everyone. Anna walked towards the door again, but behind her came Haley's scornful smile, "Ha-ha, Anna, you're so stupid!"

Frowning, Anna didn't understand what she meant, but she was too exhausted to continue to entangle with her. When she walked out of the dressing room, she saw Vincent leaning against the wall not far away, with a faint smile on his cold and perfect face.

He was so handsome.

But why did she suddenly feel dizzy?


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