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   Chapter 8 Holding back a Trick

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The speed of the car increased a lot when Anna asked. Knowing that something bad was going to happen, Anna immediately opened the door and was about to jump out of the car. But she found that the door was locked and her heart beat faster. She forced herself to calm down and asked, "Who the hell are you? What do you want?"

The driver didn't say anything, but kept speeding up. How could Anna be willing to be bullied like this? She took a deep breath and tried her best to hold the driver's neck, but just as she stood up, the steering wheel was suddenly turned all the way to the right, so was the car. Anna lost her balance and fell to the back seat. The back side of her head hit the window, and she grimaced in pain.

"You'd better sit still, or you'll suffer a lot!"

The voice was so strange that Anna couldn't tell who was trying to kidnap her. She sat up straight arduously and tried her best to attack again. "Stop the car! Stop the car!"

But the person still made a sharp turn and threw Anna out. Her body fell heavily again. She was sweating and panting.

How could she not know that she could not be saved in this way? But at least the car with a continuous sharp turn would attract the attention of passers-by on the road!

Her purpose was not self-saving, but asking for help from others!

"Stop the car! I said stop the car!"

The driver seemed to lose his patience and park the car on the side of the road. He quickly took out a towel he had prepared from the seat and covered her mouth and nose. She kept struggling, but in the end, she slowly lost her consciousness——

Anna was woken up by a bucket of cold water. When she opened her eyes, she found herself in an old warehouse and tied to a pillar. She gasped and looked at the person in front of her. Anna frowned. A woman? 'Who is she? What had happened between us that made her so angry?'

"Who are you?"

"You shameless bitch!"

The plump woman walked up to Anna and slapped her on her face. "It's you who got Jack into the police station, isn't it? You got lucky to run away last night. I'll see who else can save you today! Just wait and see. I will teach you a good lesson!"

Jack's wife? 'Did she find those people yesterday?'

Anna sighed helplessly. "Sis, I've never accepted a penny of Jack. The person in charge of the HY Club can testify. Moreover, he deserves what he got. How can you blame me? Calm down and let me go. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to explain it clearly in a few words. If someone calls the police, you'll have to join him inside! "

"Bah! Who dares to call the police? If anyone dares to do that, I will kill him! I won't let you go since you make me suffer!"

The fat woman took a step back and told those men she had gathered in advance. "Go! Beat her hard! I will let this woman know the consequences for being against me! !"


ooking up at Laura helplessly, Anna endured the pain and said, "Even if you hit me, so what? Jack is still locked up. You can't change the reality."

"Who said I can't change that?"

Laura smiled complacently. Her plum-colored lipstick looked weird and enchanting. "If I can't change it, why do I bother to take you here with all my efforts? Beat you up to vent my anger? If you think so, you are totally wrong! I always think before I act!"

Anna's heart tightened. 'What does she mean? What does she want to do?'

"You don't know yet, do you?"

As Laura walked up to Anna, she raised her chin with her index finger, which was wearing a big golden ring. With a cunning light in her fat and narrow eyes, she said, "I know the person who tried the case against Jack. He said that as long as I can send you to his bed, Jack will be released without charge!

If I hadn't known this clearly, why did I ask so many people to support your business last night? I just want to make you drunk and bring you out of the HY Club!"

'What a vicious woman!' A cold sweat broke out on Anna's forehead. If Vincent hadn't appeared in time, she would have fallen into this woman's trap! !

But how did the person who interrogated Jack know her?

"Ms. Zhang, I don't think you know who I am. I'm Vincent's girl. If you do this to me, he won't let you go!"

"Who the hell is Vincent?"

With a disdainful smile, Laura took her hand away from Anna's chin and spat on the ground. "He's just a young boy. Do you think I'm afraid of him? What a joke!"

Realizing that she had met someone who was not afraid of death, Anna clenched her fists. 'This is not good!'

With a sly smile, Laura patted on Anna's disheveled face. Anna's heart seemed to jump out of her throat. She widened her eyes in horror and looked at her vigilantly. "What are you going to do? Don't touch me! Don't touch me!"

Laura stepped back with a disdainful smile, "Don't you know what I want to do? You don't want me to touch you? You have no idea how satisfied you are going to be with my arrangement! Am I right?"

"It's not true! No! It's not like that!"

"Are you excited now?"

Laura even prepared a camera! ! It never occurred to Anna that this woman would be evil like this!

"You didn't expect me to do this?"

Knowing what was on Anna's mind, Laura smiled again. "As an experienced woman, I'll teach you a lesson today about how to hold back a trick! !"

'What a good trick!'

Looking at the people approaching her, Anna became furious and her eyes were wide open. "Laura, I'm telling you. You'd better let them go now. As long as they touch me, I won't let you go even if you kneel down and beg me for mercy in the future!"

"You are quite arrogant."

Anna hated men's greed the most. She twisted her body constantly and shouted, "Fuck off! Don't get close to me! Fuck off! !"

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