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   Chapter 7 Strong Attack

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The next morning, when Anna woke up, she felt a sharp pain all over her body as if she had been run over by a car. As she tried hard to open her eyes and saw Vincent's terribly handsome face, she was so frightened that she slapped on his face! "Why... Why are you here? "

She pulled the quilt to wrap herself up and a panic looking appeared on her face. Obviously, Anna hadn't remembered what happened last night. But now, it was Vincent who was unhappy. He had worked so hard last night to satisfy her desire. But she gave him a hard slap as a gift this morning?

"Anna, what do you mean?"

With a gloomy face, Vincent rested his chin on his hand, and his dark eyes were filled with displeasure, "For the first time, you colluded with Jack to take advantage of me, and you even put me off with three hundred dollars. Last night, you hugged me tightly and begged me to satisfy you, but this morning you slapped me and asked why I was here. What the hell do you want? !"

Sweat broke out on Anna's forehead. She recalled what had happened last night in the hospital, in the car, in the living room, and in bed——

Well, she couldn't face anyone at all, could she?

Silently, Anna walked to the edge of the bed. When she was about to run away, she was pulled back by Vincent's long arm, "You want to leave after sleeping with me? Anna, what do you think I am? "


After swallowing saliva, Anna smiled awkwardly, "Mr. Vincent, it's a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding."

Who knew that those guys who deliberately made trouble last night would put drug in her beer!


With his cold eyebrows raised, Vincent pressed Anna under his body. Startled, she turned her head away---it turned out that he was not only handsome, but also had a good figure. His bronze skin, perfect body line and muscles would make others go off into wild flights of fancy!

The blush on her face made Vincent smile happily. This woman was peeking at him.

All of a sudden, he lowered his body and looked into her eyes. In a domineering tone, Vincent said, "Anna, listen to me carefully. No misunderstanding but long-planned scheme is allowed in my world. How can I not give you a chance to approach me now that you have tried so hard? Remember, from now on, you are my woman. Without my permission, you are not allowed to go to HY Club, and you are also not allowed to contact anyone there! "

"No way!"

Almost subconsciously, Anna blurted out. She looked at Vincent with her bright and clean eyes. Anna shook her head again and said, "I don't want to be with you."

They were not from the same world. Why did she try to make up an impossible and fake dream for herself?

"You have no right to refuse, understand? !"

Anger rose from the bottom of his heart and Vincent pinched Anna's chin and thought, 'Why not follow me? She was still unwilling! Did she want to keep drinking with others and selling laugh in that messy place?

He wouldn't allow it!'

A hint of cruelty appeared in his cold eyes, "You have to do whatever I ask you to do. I will pay back the money you owed HY Club for you. From now on, you can only stay by my side obediently!"

Pinching her delicate neck bit by bit, Vincent bent down again and saw every subtle expression on her face with his pool-like deep eyes, "I think you haven't forgotten, have you? I said that I would ask you to make amends with the rest of your life!"

Anna didn't say anything, but looked at Vincent with her beautiful eyes. Apparently, she was making resistance in a persistent and stubborn attitude.

"This doesn't work on me."

All of a sudden, Vincent let go of her hand and got out of bed to get dressed, "I've never failed to get what I want, and you, Anna, are not an exception."

Dressed neatly, Vincent stopped at the door. After a long time, he said, "I have a friend who is an expert in nephrology. She will come back from abroad a few days later. I'll introduce her to you."

With the sound of the door closing, tears streamed down Anna's cheeks.

Her moth

er had kidney failure.

Vincent had been silently caring about her. It also must be he who transferred five hundred thousand dollars to her mother's account.

She couldn't deceive herself anymore. Anna crossed her legs and burst into tears. Vincent appeared again and again and had protected her when she needed help for several times, which had already made her fall in love with him. The powerlessness and sadness that had been suppressed in the bottom of her heart for many years burst out in an instant, and her tears kept falling.

She had always been homeless, so she also wanted to find a harbor to rely on. However, after staying in HY Club, this complex place for four years, she felt that she didn't deserve Vincent!

What's more, the complexity of the working environment made her always shut up her heart, not allowing anyone to approach and explore. She always thought that her heart and emotions were all gone with the wine she drank. She was afraid that she did not understand what is love, and could not preserve the tenderness given by Vincent. But his promise and action gave her the courage to take it without hesitation. Since he could accept her identity and background, what else could she be afraid of?

Later, Anna thought that it might be Vincent's words that made her determined to be with him whole-heartedly all her life.

After calming herself down and changing fresh dressing for the wound on her leg, Anna walked out of the room and found that it was not a hotel, but a villa with unique style and characteristics. So, this was Vincent's home?

With her heart racing, Anna went downstairs cautiously and saw a middle-aged woman in her more than 40 years old, "Mrs. Lu, you're awake. Mr. Lu asked me to make breakfast for you. Would you like to eat now?"

Mrs. Lu?

Anna was taken aback. Was she calling her?

"I'm not his wife. I..."

"Mr. Lu asked me to call you Mrs. Lu."

The middle-aged woman smiled gently and looked at Anna with affection, "I've been working in Mr. Lu's house for many years, and I've never seen him bring anyone back. So it's definitely right to call you Mrs. Lu."

"Oh, by the way, my family name is Zhang. You can call me Darcy."

Nodding her head stiffly, Anna called her Darcy and followed her to the dining room. "Mrs. Lu, Mr. Lu told me that you had a lot of energy consumption last night and asked you to rest at home today. If you need anything, please tell me and I'll help you arrange it."


Anna almost spat out the pork congee. A- lot- of- energy- consumption- last- night? ? Did Vincent really say that? ? How could she face Darcy later on? ?

"Well, I don't have anything to buy either."

She took out a tissue and wiped her mouth. Embarrassed, Anna said, "I want to go back and pack up some old things. Don't bother, Darcy. I can handle this by myself."

Suddenly being with Vincent, she had to explain it to Mandy, "Darcy, don't worry. Since I have decided to live here, I will definitely come back. I won't cause any trouble to you."

Noticing Darcy's embarrassment, Anna said with a smile. How could she leave before she repays Vincent for what he had done for her?

"By the way, don't call me Mrs. Lu anymore. It's weird. Just call me Anna. I like this name."

She was not the wife of Vincent yet. It would be bad if others heard this.

"This is Mr. Lu's order."

When she followed Anna to the porch, Darcy reminded her again and again, "Mrs. Lu, be careful on your way. Call me if you need anything."

Nodding her head, Anna walked out of the room. The sun was shining brightly today, making her very happy. Immersed in her own world, Anna couldn't help smiling. Had she really become Vincent's woman?

She couldn't believe her own changes. She stood at the intersection and hailed a taxi. After Anna got on the car and told the driver the name of her destination, the car drove in the opposite direction. Sensing that something was wrong, she grabbed the doorknob of the back seat and asked, "Who are you? Where are you taking me? "

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