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   Chapter 332 Something Happened Part Three

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Basil buried his head deeply in Lola's hair, and a faint smell of shampoo came to his nose. Basil enjoyed it and buried his head deeper. Just as Basil was immersed in the happiness, he heard the heavy voice of Mr. K. "Boss, it's time for us to leave."

Basil frowned slightly, and his displeasure immediately surged up. Seeing that Basil didn't move for a long time, Lola gently broke away from Basil's arms. "Basil, it's late. You can leave now!" After saying that, Lola lowered her eyes instinctively.

Seeing Lola looked like this, Basil frowned with concern. But he had no choice. For the sake of Lola's safety, Basil could only loosened Lola's hand in sadness. Lola also felt heartbroken. It was too cruel for Lola to separate as soon as they met. But Lola also knew that she couldn't be so selfish!

Basil slowly let go of Lola and looked at her affectionately. Basil slowly reached out his hand, gently stroked Lola's hair, and said in an intimate voice, "Lola, wait for me to come back! I will pay you back whatever I owe you!" Basil said, and his eyes became firm.

Lola smiled gently and nodded at Basil. For Lola, she wasn't the kind of person who would expect too much. Basil's simple promise was enough for Lola. Lola gently let go of Basil's hand and took a step back.

Lola raised her eyes slightly. Her eyes were full of calmness. She smiled sweetly at Basil and said slowly, "Basil, no matter how far it is, I will wait for you to come back! Basil, you have to remember that for me, nothing else is important. Only your safety is the most important!" Lola looked at Basil meaningfully and said.

Basil frowned slightly. 'I could clearly feel that Lola would not say that for no reason. And this feelin

n't expect that when she returned to the apartment and continued to pretend to be asleep, she heard the voice of Mr. K. Basil then gently put her on the bed and tiptoed out.

After Basil left, Lola suddenly opened her eyes. She also quietly stood at the door and listened to the conversation between Basil and Mr. K.

The voice of Mr. K came through the crack of the door slowly. "Mr. Basil, the forest where Antonia disappeared was once a deserted hospital called Dawn Hospital. Mr. Basil, do you remember the Dawn Hospital?" Mr. K asked tentatively.

Basil replied coldly, "Yes!" Then he said slowly, "That's the place where Harrison carried out illegal experiments. Isn't that Bruce also disappeared from there?" As soon as Basil finished his words, he turned his head to look at Mr. K, there was a trace of doubt in his eyes.

Mr. K nodded slightly in the direction of Basil, and said in a cold voice, "Mr. Basil, it's found that the hospital has a new owner now, and that is Mr. Samuel. Besides, Mr. Samuel would appear at the intersection of the forest alone at ten o'clock in the evening before five o'clock." Mr. K said in confusion.

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