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   Chapter 331 Something Happened Part Two

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Lola slowly turned around and looked at Basil. She raised her hand slightly and touched Basil's strong chest and handsome face. She frowned slightly. "Basil, I'm afraid. Do you know that? I don't dare to trust you with all my heart again. I'm really scared!" After saying that, Lola lowered her head slightly.

Seeing the expression on Lola's face, Basil felt sorry for her. He reached out his hand suddenly. He gently held up Lola's face and kissed her deeply. Lola widened her eyes in surprise and looked at Basil. Then, a warm current reached Lola's heart. Lola smiled happily and slowly closed her eyes.

Noticing that something had happened to Basil and Lola, Mr. K rushed over as soon as possible. He ran to Basil in a hurry and looked at Lola in shock, who was lying in Basil's arms and squinting slightly. Mr. K exclaimed instinctively, "Lo...? Lola... She..."

Hearing the sound, Basil turned around suddenly and looked at Mr. K. "Keep your voice down!" Basil said in a low voice, frowning tightly. Subconsciously, he reached out his hand and covered Lola's ear gently. Then he lowered his eyes and felt relieved when he saw Lola who was still asleep.

Seeing the nervous look on Basil's face, Mr. K was overjoyed. Because Mr. K felt that Basil finally came back to life. Mr. K smiled at Lola and Basil with relief, but soon he thought of something and said seriously, "Mr. Basil, bad news. Antonia ran away!"

Basil frowned tightly and still looked at Lola dotingly. He pulled Lola closer to him and whispered to Mr. K. "Wait for me outside!" After saying that, Basil didn't say anything more. Seeing this, Mr. K nodded respectfully to Basil and left.


Frowning tightl

nd asked, "Lola, how do you know that I have been protecting you secretly all the time? I thought you wouldn't know." After saying that, Basil smiled bitterly, and his eyes turned sad.

Lola, who was held in Basil's arms, smiled, "Ha-ah, because you are really too stupid. No one would wear so tight clothes in such a hot day. In fact, I wasn't sure at the beginning, so I deliberately threw my wallet on the roadside. The second day when it appeared downstairs, I guessed it. You are the shadow who has been following me all the time." Lola still sobbed.

Basil then smiled dotingly, reached out his hand and touched Lola's head again. Then he said in a gentle voice, "My lovingly girl has grown up. You even learned how to trap me." Subconsciously, Basil held Lola tightly and said, "Lola, if possible, I would rather you are not so smart! I would rather you were still the innocent girl."

Lola smiled happily. She also stretched out her hands and held Basil tightly. If there was no way to change Basil's decision, Lola prayed that this moment could be longer, longer. Lola smiled and buried her head in Basil's arms.

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