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   Chapter 330 Something Happened Part One

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Lola slowly opened her eyes and smelt of male hormone. Lola lowered her eyes slightly and looked at the man standing in front of her. Lola didn't dare to look up. She was afraid that the man in front of her was not the one she thought. She was afraid that she would be disappointed and cry.

Looking at Lola's head, Basil thought Lola was hurt. He asked anxiously, "How's it going? Did you hurt? Come on, raise your head and let me have a look!" Basil said anxiously, with his eyebrows tightly wrinkled. As he spoke, he was about to raise Lola's head to have a look.

Lola kept her head down and avoided Basil nimbly. Seeing that, Basil became more nervous. He asked Lola anxiously, "What happened? Did you hurt? Wait for me. I will go to the pharmacy right away!" After saying that, Basil loosened Lola, turned around and walked towards the pharmacy at the corner of the street.

As soon as Basil took a step forward, Lola grabbed Basil's wrist from behind. Basil stood still. He could clearly feel that Lola's hand was so cold. Looking at the back of Basil sadly, Lola said in a slightly trembling voice, "Don't go!" Hearing this, Basil turned around in a hurry and saw that Lola had already been crying.

Basil rushed to Lola and held her tightly in his arms. He looked at her lovingly and said in a doting voice, "it's all right. It's all right. Don't be afraid! I'm here. It's okay. I'm here! Don't be afraid! Don't be afraid! Don't be afraid!" Basil kept comforting Lola and gently stroked Lola's head.

Lola immediately buried her whole head in the arms of Basil. Tears kept running down Lola's cheeks. Basil could clearly feel that Lola was trembling in his arms. He frowned and held her more tightly.

"Don't be afraid. I

id in a trembling voice.

Basil slowly raised his eyes and looked at the back of Lola with doting and sad eyes. "Lola, I care about you! I only care about you! I have been missing you all the time in the past five years. I used to dream that you were back. Do you know how happy I was when you appeared in front of me? I was so happy that I wanted to scream. I wanted the whole world to know that my Lola was back and she was back to me. I wanted to hold you tightly in my arms, but I couldn't. Because I can no longer see the past in your eyes. The innocent and lovely Lola had gone. Of course, I also know that it's all my fault. You are cruel to me and hate me. I don't blame you. Therefore, I am willing to spend the rest of my life silently protecting you. Even if you won't forgive me, even if you fall in love with someone else, I won't regret it! But Lola, you know that? I can't do it at all! I used to force myself not to get close to you more than once, but I couldn't do it at all! I can't control my mind not to think of you, just as I can't control myself to accept it. I'm not in your eyes. You know that?" Suddenly, Basil said emotionally.

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