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   Chapter 329 Negotiation Part Three

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Antonia looked at Lola in horror. She frowned tightly and tried hard to suppress her trembling voice. "Lola, I don't know what you want to do, but I advise you to give up! Because you can't afford the consequences!" Antonia warned Lola for the last time.

But obviously, Lola didn't care about anything. She still sneered and said to Antonia evilly, "Antonia, since I promised you to be the spokesperson, I have never thought of backing down completely!" Lola said firmly. Her eyes looked colder than ever!

Antonia couldn't help trembling. "Lola, what... What do you want?" ! Antonia frowned and looked at Lola in horror. Antonia could clearly feel that Lola's breath was gradually changing! Moreover, no matter how stupid Antonia was, she knew that everything had been controlled by Lola.

Lola was satisfied with Antonia's expression. Lola sneered and grabbed Antonia's trembling hand! Then Lola exerted all her strength and Antonia couldn't help falling towards her. Lola slowly whispered in Antonia's ear, "I want you to..."

Hearing Lola's voice, Antonia became more and more frightened! With her eyes wide open, Antonia looked ahead in disbelief. When Antonia was on the verge of breaking down, Lola slowly loosened her grip on Antonia. Lola was very calm, as if nothing had happened just now.

Lola took out the contract that she had just put away from the backpack she carried with her. Lola handed the contract to Antonia and said coldly, "Antonia, when you figure it out, you can sign on it. I'll call you a week later." After saying that, Lola suddenly stood up and walked out.

Antonia sat there alone in panic, her eyes fille

d again. "Haven't you come out yet?" Lola frowned and her heart was pounding. Lola clenched her hands, "Two!" Lola shouted again, "Are you really not coming out?" ! Lola shouted in a hoarse voice.

Basil stood in the corner, frowning tightly. Basil had stepped forward again and again. But Basil took it back again and again. 'How much I want to rush out. I could hold Lola tightly in my arms. But I couldn't!'

Lola's eyes were already wet with tears. Her body trembled slightly. "In that case..." before Lola finished her words, she heard a harsh sound of brake from the side of her. Lola looked in the direction of the sound subconsciously.

Antonia was driving a minibus towards Lola. Antonia were blinded by hatred. Antonia gritted her teeth and said, "Lola, go to hell! Go to hell! Lola, as long as you die, no one will know what I have done. Lola, go to hell! Go to hell! Ha-ah...."

Seeing the minibus getting closer and closer to her, Lola's legs were already weak and she could not move at all. Suddenly, Lola felt that she was lifted up by a pair of powerful hands and ran away.

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