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   Chapter 328 Negotiation Part Two

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Updated: 2020-09-23 00:13

Antonia sat arrogantly opposite Lola, took off her glasses and looked at Lola with contempt. "What did you say to that girl? Why did she know that I'm here for you?" Antonia said and then leaned against the sofa arrogantly.

Hearing the sharp voice from the other side, Lola put the magazine in her hand aside elegantly. Lola slowly turned around and said to the bar counter, "Waiter, please serve my lemonade." Lola's voice was sweet and her smile was as warm as the sunshine.

Antonia looked at Lola unhappily. "Lola, I'm here. Can you tell me now?" As soon as Anto

joke. You are just bluffing me. In fact, you are extremely nervous! Well. Lola, stop pretending. Take out the contract and I'll sign it. Then it's over. Why do you have to make things worse?"

Lola sneered. Her eyes looked much colder than before. "Antonia, you just feel scared now. Won't it be a little late? Let me tell you, I don't care about what you said. As I said, I don't worry if you will tell others about it. Now, you should not care about me, but you!" After saying that, Lola leaned forward suddenly.

Looking at Lola like this, Antonia felt uneasy.

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