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   Chapter 327 Negotiation Part One

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Lola raised her head in surprise and looked at Quentin. She frowned tightly and asked in disbelief, "What do you mean by what you just said?" Lola asked in confusion. She subconsciously reached out her hand and tucked her hair behind her ear.

Quentin slowly turned around, but now his smile was more serious than before. With a calm look on his face, Quentin said to Lola, "I agree to let Antonia be the spokesperson. But you have to promise me one thing!" As soon as Quentin finished his words, a weird look flashed across his eyes.


Lola walked to her office with heavy steps. Lola stood in the empty office. What Quentin said was like a magic spell, hovering in her ears. Lola frowned and took out her phone.

Soon, Antonia's shrill voice came from the other side of the phone, "Lola, it's rare to call me! What's wrong? Is everything settled? When can I be the spokesperson of the resort project? I'm telling you, time is running out. If you haven't done it, I will..."

Before Antonia could finish her words, Lola interrupted her, "I have something to tell you!" Lola said in a cold voice. Her tightly frowned eyebrows seemed to be resisting something. Lola sat straight on the sofa, in a state of resistance.

Hearing Lola's voice, Antonia asked Lola in disbelief, "What? I beg your pardon? Do you want to see me? Lola, did I hear it wrong? Now I'm asking you. When is it your turn to order me? What? Lola. It seems that the plan doesn't work, so you want to kill me to keep my mouth shut, don't you? Let me tell you, there is no way to see me. Do you think I don't know what you are up to? You want to lure me out and take the opportunity to kill me! Let me tell you, I won't give you a chance before I

ok off her sunglasses and frowned slightly. Her little face was even wrinkled.

In the distance, Lola didn't even raise her head. Lola could tell from the sound that Antonia was here. Lola didn't respond to Antonia's words. Lola smiled slyly.

When Antonia was venting her anger, she saw the young girl walking slowly to her. "Hello, Miss. The person you are looking for is there." After saying that, the girl raised her hand and pointed in the direction of Lola. Antonia looked in the direction the girl pointed. Antonia saw that Lola was leisurely sitting there in silence.

Antonia then walked towards Lola. Suddenly, Antonia realized something. She turned around and asked arrogantly, "Hello, you!" Hearing the voice, the girl turned around and asked, "Miss, is there anything else?"

Antonia then turned around arrogantly and looked at the girl with contempt. "How do you know that I'm here for someone?" The way Antonia spoke could only be described as arrogant.

The girl smiled politely at Antonia. "Miss, because you are so special!" The girl replied, pretending to be mysterious. Then she turned around and left with contempt.

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