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   Chapter 325 My Woman, I Should Spoil Part Six

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Mr. K immediately came to his senses. He quickly walked to Antonia's side and tightly grabbed Antonia's arm. Antonia was easily picked up by Mr. K as if he was carrying something. Mr. K looked at Antonia in disgust. "Miss. Antonia, you are so shameless!"

Hearing the voice, Quentin turned around as soon as possible. It was not because Quentin was interested in Antonia, but because he felt awkward to cover the clothes for Basil just now. Quentin happened to hear some noise behind him. In order to avoid embarrassment, he turned around in a hurry.

Quentin slowly walked towards Antonia. Quentin frowned tightly, looked at the woman in front of him and said slowly, "Antonia? Are you the Antonia that everyone despises? How dare you come here! Tell me! Who ordered you that?" Suddenly, Quentin shouted at Antonia fiercely.

Antonia knew that her trick had been exposed, so she didn't hide it anymore. With her eyes wide open, Antonia took a playful look at Basil, and then turned to look at Quentin. "Ha-ah, yes, I am Antonia! What? Are you feeling bad being played by me? Quentin, let me tell you. If you two hadn't intervened, I would have... "Antonia roared angrily.

But before Antonia could finish her words, a sound of "clap!" was heard. Quentin slapped Antonia in the face. Quentin's slap was so hard that it echoed throughout the room. What's more, even Quentin's palms were a little red, and Antonia's face was immediately swollen and the corners of her mouth were slowly bleeding.

With an evil and attractive smile, Quentin took out a piece of tissue in front of Antonia and wiped his hands carefully. Then he said in disgust, "Antonia, I never beat women today, which is an exception fo

il. Antonia shouted in pain. But as soon as Antonia spoke, saliva kept flowing out of her mouth. Seeing this, Mr. K get his grip on Antonia in disgust. Than Antonia lost her balance and collapsed on the ground.

This was not the end. As Basil walked slowly to Antonia's side, he smiled wickedly at Antonia and asked, "Was it this hand just now?" As soon as Basil finished his question, he stepped on the slender hand of Antonia. Antonia immediately turned around in pain and shouted, "Basil, let go of me! Let go of me!"

However, since Basil had already twisted Antonia's chin, Antonia could only falter. But even so, Basil heard it clearly. Basil smiled wickedly at Antonia again. "What did you say?" After saying that, Basil exerted more strength.

With a crisp sound, the bones of Antonia's fingers were directly broken by Basil. Antonia took a deep breath in pain and burst into tears. Antonia frowned tightly, but still didn't let go.

Mr. K turned his head uncomfortably and met Quentin's playful eyes. Quentin sat on the sofa lazily, looking at Antonia on the ground and laughing. Quentin's smile was gloomy and horrible.

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