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   Chapter 324 My Woman, I Should Spoil Part Five

Dreamy Mr. Mystery By A Chu Characters: 5769

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Quentin smiled evilly at Mr. K, "Why are you here? Basil's wife is here." After saying that lazily, Quentin subconsciously glanced at the private room of Basil. Then he turned around and continued to say to Mr. K. "Well, your boss is chatting with his wife in the box. I advise you not to go in."

Mr. K was confused by Quentin's words. Mr. K frowned and asked Quentin, "Mr. Quentin, what do you mean? Whose wife? What do you mean by chatting? Mrs. Lola is really having a baby in Los Angeles now. How could she come back? And even if she comes back, she won't take the initiative to look for the boss!" As soon as Mr. K finished his words, he was about to run towards the private room of Basil.

But Quentin stopped Mr. K. He looked at Mr. K in confusion and asked, "What do you mean by that. Mrs. Lola is standing right in front of me. How could she be wrong! Even if I don't know Mrs. Lola, I might make a mistake. What about your boss? Basil also called her Lola and held that woman tightly in his arms. As far as you know, except for his wife, who else could your boss hold in his arms?" ! Quentin said emotionally.

Hearing what Quentin said, Mr. K stopped and asked Quentin again, "Mr. Quentin, what do you mean by that?" Quentin's words made Mr. K confused, "Do you really hear the boss call that woman Lola? It's impossible. Mrs. Lola is having a baby in America. How could she suddenly come back! Impossible! This is absolutely impossible!" Mr. K said firmly.

Quentin immediately get his grip of Mr. K. he smiled with satisfaction. Leaning against the wall lazily, Quentin said, "How could it be possible! It seems that his wife really loves Basil. I shouldn't have blamed her for that. I guess I have to apologi

ss of the matter. He hurriedly stepped forward and ran towards Basil's box as well.

Quentin ran to the door of Basil's room, panting. He bent over and casually put his hand on the shoulder of Mr. K. "What... What's wrong? What happened?" After asking, Quentin finally raised his head to look at Mr. K.

Mr. K stretched out a finger and pointed forward. Quentin looked in the direction that Mr. K pointed and saw that Basil's clothes were half unbuttoned and his strong chest muscles were exposed on both sides of his body. Antonia was taken aback by Mr. K's roar. She was still in a daze.

Quentin was shocked by the scene in front of him. If he hadn't seen it with his own eyes, Quentin couldn't believe that the arrogant Basil would have been raped by an unknown woman. Mr. K also stood there in shock. After subconsciously shouting at Antonia, Mr. K didn't know what to do but stood at a loss.

Quentin was the first one to react. He quickly took off his clothes and walked towards Basil. He casually threw the clothes in his hands into the air, and the clothes floated in the air for a period of time, and then fell on the body of Basil.

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