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   Chapter 323 My Woman, I Should Spoil Part Four

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Antonia raised her head slowly, trying hard to suppress her nervousness. She looked a little worried and asked Quentin, "Hello, I'm Lola. I came back from America because I missed Basil so much. Do you know where Basil is?" Antonia asked Quentin in a sweet voice.

Quentin couldn't help but look at Antonia up and down. Then he asked Antonia in confusion, "I heard from Basil that you are his wife. In that case. Can't you recognize who is Basil here?" After saying that, Quentin's eyes involuntarily revealed a trace of coldness.

Quentin's eyes were not as frightening as Basil's. But it would also make people scared. Antonia trembled with fear when she heard Quentin's question. Antonia clenched her fists and told herself to calm down. Antonia frowned slightly and then explained, "I'm sorry. It's too dark here. I can't see it clearly. Are you Basil's good friend? I heard from Mr. K that Basil is here. Can you tell me Basil's specific location?"

Antonia avoided the question easily with the excuse of the light. Antonia imitated Lola's voice, making a cool gentlemen that people was unable to be cold at all. After saying that, Antonia lowered her head slightly. Antonia clenched her fists tightly, fearing that she would be discovered by Quentin in front of her.

Although Antonia explained in this way, Quentin vaguely felt that the woman in front of her was not Lola. However, since Quentin had never seen Lola, he dared not jump to a conclusion. Quentin frowned and looked at Antonia. Perhaps it was because of psychological reasons, Quentin subconsciously looked in the direction of Basil.

Coincidentally, Antonia raised her eyes and met Quentin's. Antonia looked in the direction of Quentin's ga

m sunshine.

Seeing this scene, Queenie immediately put away the doubts in his heart. Antonia looked around with cold eyes and said, "What are you looking at? Get out of here! It was rare for Quentin to yell at those women. Although those women didn't know what had happened, none of them dared to displease Quentin or Basil.

They quickly tidied up their clothes and rushed out of the door. Soon, there were only three people left in the restless box, Basil, Antonia and Quentin. Quentin looked at Basil with relief. He smiled at them and then walked out.

Mr. K rushed to the Queens Bar in a hurry. He saw the slightly familiar women who ran away in panic. With doubts in his heart, Mr. K hurried to the private room of Basil. However, before Mr. K could walk over, he saw Quentin in the distance.

Mr. K walked to Quentin and asked, "Hello, Mr. Quentin. Why are you smoking here alone? Where is Mr. Basil?" After that, Mr. K turned to look at the room. Hearing the sound, Quentin threw the cigarette butt on the ground lazily and turned to look at Mr. K.

Immediately, Mr. K withdrew his sight and looked at Quentin with confusion.

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