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   Chapter 295 Deny All Conjectures

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Basil's unique breath, like ordinary poppies, could be addictive. Lola's body was so straight that she didn't dare to push Basil away, who was leaned forward in front of her. She even didn't want to push him away. It was more accurate to say that Lola was wantonly sucking Basil's unique smell than Basil was flirting with Lola.

Basil looked down slowly along Lola's neck. His eyes were still full of affection. But what was more, there was still desire, strong and domineering desire that could not be solved. His eyes were as blazing as fire, burning the skin on Lola's

difficult for the Q Group on the resort project with the excuse of my leaving, I will be sorry for the Q Group."

Hearing Lola's lame reason, Basil was at a loss whether to cry or to laugh. But on the other hand, it also reflected Lola's thoughts. Basil couldn't help but guess in his heart, 'Maybe Lola still has feelings for myself!' Thinking of this, Basil was in a good mood.

However, a hint of doubt flashed through Basil's mind. This doubt could easily deny all Basil's conjecture about Lola. Basil frowned slightly and took out the document from his pocket.

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