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   Chapter 294 Her Heart Trembled More Violently

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As soon as Lola finished her words, before she could make the next reaction, Barrette interrupted Lola. "Mommy, since Uncle wants to discuss something with you, I'll go upstairs with elder sister first. It doesn't matter, mommy. We know the way." After saying that, before Lola could refuse, Barrette took Buena's hand and ran upstairs.

On the way, Buena looked at Barrette in confusion. Then, out of breath, Buena asked, "Why... Why did you suddenly call me elder sister?" As for something, Buena's focus was indeed different from others. However, this was quite similar to Lola's.

Hearing this, Barrette turned his head to look at Buena and emphasized, "Because you are my elder sister!" After saying that, Barrette winked at Buena playfully. As expected, Buena liked to hear the words "elder sister". She smiled with satisfaction and walked home with Barrette. Buena didn't even refute why she ran with Barrette just for the words "elder sister".

Buena was not the only one who was confused about the words "elder sister". Obviously, Lola was also confused. Seeing that Buena and Barrette were getting farther and farther away, Lola couldn't help but ask Basil in a low voice, "What did Barrette say to you just now? Why did he suddenly call Buena elder sister? I had known it earlier that he wouldn't have called her that."

Like Lola, Basil also stared at the backs of Buena and Barrette. However, for Basil, the one he paid more attention should be Barrette. Basil was shocked when Barrette said that. He didn't expect that Barrette, at such a young age, could be so observant.

Lola and Basil looked at the backs of Barrette and Buena in tandem, who gradually disappeared from the sight of the two. At the moment when Barrette and Buena left the car, Lola's heart be

rted, "Huh, Mr. Basil, don't be narcissistic! Who is acting cute like a spoiled child with you? Don't forget that we have nothing to do with each other. Even if we have, we are just partners. If I have time to act cute like a spoiled child with you, I might as well spend more time with Barrette and Buena." As Lola spoke as if she was not confident, her voice became lower and lower, and even her head became lower and lower. Lola didn't even struggle, allowing Basil to grab her like this.

With a playful smile, Basil leaned towards Lola, took his hand away Lola's arm and put it on Lola's chin. He raised Lola's chin gently, but a little overbearingly, forcing Lola to look straight into his eyes.

Basil's voice was soft, sexy and slightly aggressive. He looked at Lola, with his Adam's apple moving up and down, and a masculine aura rushed into Lola's brain. Lola couldn't help looking at Basil. Her attention was also attracted by Basil's Adam's apple.

All of a sudden, Basil leaned over Lola's ear and blew gently on it, flirting with Lola wantonly. His warm breath was blowing in Lola's ear itchy. Lola's body began to tremble, and her heart trembled even more violently.

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