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   Chapter 201 In The End, He Couldn't Catch Them!

Dreamy Mr. Mystery By A Chu Characters: 6032

Updated: 2020-07-23 00:02

"I can give you what you want most, such as the car inspection and maintenance report of your father when he was alive." The skeleton said slowly. His voice was very light, and there was even an ethereal feeling in it. But it sounded so strong to Basil. Basil couldn't help trembling when he heard the word "father".

As expected, Basil's thoughts were disturbed by his flirty words and the word "father" kept resounding in his mind. Squatting in front of Basil, Lola soon noticed the unusual and flustered aura of Basil.

Lola frowned slightly. Of course she knew how important the thing mentioned by the skeleton was to Basil. It was something that he would get for the rest of his life. However, it was not the right time to panic. If even Basil panicked, the trap could not be solved and they couldn't get out.

At this moment, Basil had already fallen into the whirlpool of memories. His mind was like a movie, playing back the happy time of his childhood. Then, in the familiar scene, Basil was like an outsider. Even if his parents' smiling faces had appeared in front of him, no matter how hard he tried, he could not catch them!

Basil was not reconciled. He roared and struggled! He tried his best to make his father look back at him and his mother touch his head as dotingly as she did when he was a child. He wanted to feel her warmth in his mother's arms like he did when he was a child.

However, it was still a dream. No matter how hard Basil tried, his mother seemed to have deliberately distanced herself from him. In his memory, Basil had already put down his guard. Two lines of tears slowly fell down his cheeks. He tried his best to run in the direction where his parents left, but it was in vain.

Finally, Basil stumbled and fell to the ground. He could do nothing but watch

You were expecting the Black Restaurant's financial situation, I would definitely send someone to monitor and investigate. But you don't know when I will appear, so when I suddenly said that I was going to hold a plenary meeting, you played your trick and made me lose my mind when I was in my company."

Basil inadvertently glanced at Mr. K. Mr. K immediately understood what he meant and quietly retreated. Basil then continued, "You deliberately made Miss. Chen behave unusual before and after in my company. Although it seems that it was because of another woman's provocation, you have forgotten that Miss. Chen's acting skill is not that good. If I'm not mistaken, the woman who helped Miss. Chen is also your man, right? "

Basil said indifferently. If he hadn't squatted down in an inelegant place. Otherwise, just by the confident look of Basil, it would be more powerful to intimidate the skeleton. The skeleton was obviously flustered by Basil's words. He had been motionless, but now he was shaking and moving. Of course, this was exactly what Basil needed.

"Even if you know that the two of them are my men, how can you escape from the Memory Vortex?" The skeleton asked in a panic.

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