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   Chapter 197 Will Be Poor In The Rest Of Life!

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Surrounded by the crowd, as soon as Basil walked out of his exclusive black Cayenne car, Cynthia then followed him up at. She said to Basil in a cold voice, "Boss, this is the financial situation of the Black Restaurant this month! According to the information, it's time for you to realize your previous plan! "

Basil took over the document handed over by Cynthia. He walked in a big step and scanned it roughly. From Basil's serious face, it seemed that this matter had reached an urgent point. He slammed the folder and ordered Cynthia peremptorily, "All the people will have a meeting in the meeting room in ten minutes!"

"Yes, boss!" Cynthia replied firmly. She stood still and watched Basil leave. Then she quickly turned around and trotted towards her office. Cynthia knew better than anyone what Basil's order meant. She frowned tightly, her hands holding the folder trembling.

"Do you think there is something important that boss will announce in the meeting?" In the large meeting room, people sat in twos and threes. One of the young women, dressed brightly, whispered to her colleagues. However, she did not know that bad luck would come at this moment.

The woman who was talking to her carefully observed the expression on Cynthia's face. She lowered her voice and said to the young woman just now, "I don't know. Look at Miss. Cynthia. She is gloomy. I'm afraid things are not that simple! We'd better pray for ourselves! "

As soon as she finished speaking, the door of the meeting room was suddenly opened. Basil came in under the protection of the old K. The coldness in his eyes made everyone present shudder! The noisy meeting room quieted down in an instant, so quiet that everyone could hear their own heartbeat clearly.

After sitting down, Basil didn't say anything but coughed slightly. Cynthi

in an evil and attractive voice, as if he was talking about something very casual. He didn't know that someone would be very poor for the rest of his life because of him.

Miss. Chen was first shocked by what Basil said. But soon, she suppressed this emotion. She firmly believed that what she had done would not be exposed! She raised her eyes firmly and said in the same firm voice, "Boss, I don't know what you are talking about! I don't know who is instructing all this! "

As soon as she finished speaking, Basil stood up abruptly. He glared at everyone sitting there with his fierce eyes. Basil was undoubtedly terrifying. Everyone lowered their heads in fear, and even a timid girl hid aside and kept shaking. Miss. Chen was also frightened, but she had a good psychological quality and there was no trace of panic in her eyes.

Basil walked slowly towards Miss. Chen and said, "Miss. Chen, as I said, I don't want to waste our time! You should know that time is the most precious thing in our group! " As soon as Basil finished his words, he walked up to Miss. Chen. He reached out a hand and patted Miss. Chen on the shoulder. Miss. Chen's calm heart was broken by Basil and she sat on the chair limply.

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