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   Chapter 196 A Powerful Supporter!

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Updated: 2020-07-20 00:12

"Deal? What deal? " Lola put down her chopsticks and looked at Basil emotionally. Basil also put down the things in his hands and smiled at Lola. He pretended to be relaxed and said in a frivolous tone, "In fact, there is nothing important. Lola, you don't have to be so nervous."

After saying that, Basil turned around and stood up. He walked slowly to the window and looked straight downstairs. The crowds and traffic on the streets were endless. Lola also stood up and stood behind Basil. Feeling the breath of Lola, Basil then explained to Lola.

"Your father knows about the Science Research Institute. In other words, your father has known what's going on with Samuel, so he decided to give up on Samuel. " When Basil spoke, his shoulder shook inappropriately. Maybe it was because of the heartless attitude of Harrison to Samuel that Basil recalled the painful memory before.

Of course, Lola noticed this. She slowly stepped forward, gently crossed Basil's shoulder, and pulled Basil over. Lola said to Basil with a sweet smile, "No matter what happens, I will support you! So please forget the painful memories before. "

Basil was stunned. He didn't know how Lola knew what he was thinking. But when he saw that Lola was serious, he smiled and pulled Lola into his arms. He said to Lola firmly, "The same, I won't let anyone hurt you! "


"Dean, there is a girl downstairs who wants to see you." A young nurse gently knocked on the door of Samuel's office. Immediately, Samuel put down the things in his hands and looked up at the door. He nodded at the nurse with a smile and said in a soft voice, "Okay, I see! "

After the nurse left, Samuel frowned slightly. He couldn't help but fall into deep thought. He stood up slowly, w

is men. Samuel was stunned and looked at Ross in bewilderment. Not long after Jeff left, the hospital hall became lively again. People seemed to appear from all directions, tightly wrapping Samuel and Ross in the middle.


"Boss, since Ross has a way to save Samuel, why did you knock her out and then give her to Samuel? In this way, your relationship with Lincy and Ross will be exposed. " On the street, an expensive bulletproof car drove through the middle of the road. Jack looked back in confusion and asked Jeff.

Jeff slowly opened his eyes and explained in a cold voice, "You are right. This will indeed expose our relationship between Lincy and Ross! But you have ignored the important point that is our purpose of returning to the A Country. Don't forget what Mr. Aaron told us before we left. "

Reminded by Jeff, Jack was suddenly enlightened. Jeff nodded with satisfaction. "No matter what happens in the future, don't forget our purpose of coming here! As long as we kept this in mind, the rest would not be a problem! Although it's a pity that we have lost Lincy and Ross, don't forget that we still have a powerful supporter in our hands! "

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