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   Chapter 185 My Future Boyfriend

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"What are you doing? !" Cynthia said angrily, reaching out her hand to hit the old K. "You don't know that it won't work if Mrs. Lola say her birthday wish! Did you do it on purpose? You don't want Mrs. Lola to realize her wish! " Cynthia said angrily. Her look made people feel that she was the one who was celebrating birthday today.

"Humph!" The old K sneered indifferently, rolling his eyes at Cynthia. "Do you think Mrs. Lola is as superstitious as you? " As soon as the old K finished his words, he took a step towards Cynthia subconsciously and leaned against Cynthia unconsciously. "Are you envious? Then I can also hold a birthday party for you! " The old K whispered in Cynthia's ear.

Cynthia snorted with disdain and then said affectionately. "If I need, I will also let my future boyfriend do it! I don't need you! " After Cynthia said that, the old K looked a little sad, but he quickly suppressed this emotion in his heart. He sniffed and said. "Then don't invite me. I won't go! " But even so, his words were still jealous.

"Well, did I say that I would invite you? " Cynthia replied rudely. The two of them just kept talking and didn't notice that Lola, who was the protagonist, already smiled softly and returned to Basil's side.


"Basil, why don't you play with us? " As Lola spoke, she sat next to Basil. She picked up the goblet in front of Basil and found the place where Basil had drunk in the light. Lola found it immediately. She smiled naughtily and took a sip on the place where Basil had drunk before.

Hearing Lola's voice, Basil immediately took his phone away from his hand and reached for the goblet in front of him, but he missed it unconsciously. He looked up at Lola, who stuck out her tongue at him naughtily, looking a little cute. Basil shook his head he

e work will be over this week. " The agent finished talking easily and turned to leave.

"Wait! " Before the agent went far, she heard Antonia's harsh voice coming from behind. The agent immediately turned around and said impatiently, "if you still don't understand, just ask your assistant! My time is very precious every day. I'm responsible for several super stars at the same time. I can't spend it on you all the time. "

Antonia frowned slightly and said in a softer voice, "Eve, I remember there is a Cayenne tailoring next week. Why do you suddenly say that I will rest next week? " Antonia said, feeling a little scared.

Miss. Eve was a well-known agent in the entertainment circle, and the artists she was responsible for were very popular. If it weren't for Harrison, she would not be responsible for Antonia. Antonia, of course, knew that, so her voice was very gentle.

"Antonia, don't you know? " Eve asked curiously, "your father's birthday party will be held next week. Everyone in the world knows about it. How can you not know as a daughter? " As Eve spoke, she looked at Antonia in a different way. Even the make-up artist couldn't help but stop when she heard what Eve said.

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