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   Chapter 183 A Familiar Man

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Blushing, Lola turned around with her back to Basil. She looked ahead and saw a familiar man walking past Lola in a hurry. Lola frowned slightly. Lola's intuition told her that she must have seen him somewhere!

The man looked around and went into the restaurant where Lola and Cynthia sneaked in before. At this time, a bright thing attracted the attention of Lola. It suddenly occurred to her that the man who had been monitoring Basil outside the building of the Basil's group not long ago had the same ring on his finger as that of that man on that day!

When Lola was about to turn around and remind Basil, she heard Basil's cold voice from behind. "Let's go. Follow him! " After saying that, Lola saw Basil stand up and walk towards the restaurant that the man had just entered. Lola couldn't help suspecting.

'He was still closing his eyes just now. When did he find it? ' Thinking of this, Lola saw that Basil didn't seem to stop waiting for her. Lola immediately stood up and shouted at Basil's back in a low voice, "Wait! Wait for me! " Lola said and quickened her pace.

Of course, Basil heard Lola's voice. He slowed down two steps unconsciously. Immediately waiting for Lola to trot all the way to himself, Basil grabbed Lola's hands on both sides of her body and walked towards the restaurant. Lola raised her head and looked at Basil suspiciously. Despite this, Lola followed Basil and walked in together.


"Boss, something is wrong. The JD Group which promised to provide us with steel, called us this morning. I don't know why it broke the contract! What's more, they have terminated the following cooperation with our group! Boss, if it goes on like this, I'm afraid the group can't hold on! " Mr. Wang said in a panic. His fists clenched tightly

e you ate too much cold drinks just now? "

Hearing Basil's words, Lola chuckled. She raised her head and looked at Basil with her arched eyebrows. "This kind of stupid words don't seem to come from your mouth at all! " Lola made fun of Basil. Thinking of Basil's stupid words just now, Lola couldn't help laughing.

Basil pretended to be angry and sat back a little impatiently. He looked around and said, "Such a shabby place will we never come again! "

Lola then looked up at Basil. She leaned forward slightly and easily touched Basil's head. Like what she had seen on TV, she stroked Basil's hair gently and said in a soft voice like coaxing a child.

"Well, Don't be angry. Just touch the hair and don't be scared! " Lola said naughtily and stuck out her tongue at Basil naughtily.

Basil bent over in front of Lola. Lola was so scared that she screamed, "What are you doing? " After saying that, Lola seemed to realize her strangeness. She suddenly covered her mouth with her hand. Seeing that she did not attract the attention of the people around, Lola was relieved.

Seeing the panic on Lola's face, Basil felt satisfied and happy as if his plot had succeeded.

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