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   Chapter 182 The Kingly Style Disappeared Instantly

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Updated: 2020-07-13 15:44

Hearing Lola's voice, Basil turned his head unconsciously. The kingly style on the face just disappeared in an instant, and he was affectionate. He held Lola into his arms and asked in a soft voice, "What's wrong? Did I scare you just now? "

Lola shook her head slowly and explained, "No! On the contrary, I think you were very handsome just now! Just like a general who fought in the ancient times. It's just that I don't seem to have any use at all, just hiding under your protection, I can't do anything! " Lola said. She turned her eyes and felt a little sad.

Basil raised the corners of his mouth slightly, reached out his hand to gently touch Lola's hair, and said in a lazy voice, "Who says that you are useless? You can stay by my side, which is the biggest motivation for me! But now, I do want you to help me deal with one thing. "

As soon as he finished speaking, Lola seemed to be excited in an instant. She raised her head excitedly, "What's the matter? Don't worry. Just let me handle it. No matter what it is, I will try my best! " Lola said with a firm look on her face. She clenched her fists, as if trying to cheer herself up.

"It's not a complicated matter. Cynthia will bring the report to me later. I want you to accompany me to the restaurant called Black Restaurant You and Cynthia have been there before, so you know more about it than I do. Originally, I just want Cynthia to go with me. However, someone ordered me to take her with me wherever I went! Well, I have no choice. I just don't know if someone is willing to do that. " Basil said helplessly. The expression of grievance on his face really felt like a wronged wife.

Lola wrapped her arms around Basil's neck excitedly and fell on Basil. She said excitedly, "Yes, I do! " Lola stood up excitedly. She rushed to Basil

e but had to carelessly smile, slowly lowered his body, attached to Lola's face Lola paused for a few seconds and said slowly.

"No, No, don't tell you..."

Basil rolled his eyes and grabbed at Lola before Lola could finish her words. Lola squatted down and smiled.

Suddenly, a soft touch appeared in Basil's mind. Basil was stunned, and so was Lola, her eyes dull! She hurriedly reached out her hand and pushed Basil away from her. She blushed and asked shyly. "What are you doing? What are you doing in public? "

After saying that, Lola unconsciously reached out to close the clothes in front of her. She frowned slightly, but there was always a faint smile on her face.

After Lola's push, Basil came to his senses. He lowered his head slowly and looked at his hand just now. He couldn't help but shake it in the air and smile.

"Lola, It has grown up! " Basil said frivolously, deliberately lowering his voice, which sounded so sexy. Hearing Basil's teasing, Lola's whole face turned red, directly to her neck. She frowned slightly and said in a flirtatious tone, "You are so bad! "

After saying that, Lola turned around. With a doting smile on his face, Basil closed his eyes slightly.

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