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   Chapter 181 Boss Is Here

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"Boss is here! Boss is here! " It was getting dark. Under the escort of the old K, Basil slowly walked downstairs. Seeing this, everyone immediately scattered to both sides, leaving a passageway for Basil. The old K stood in front of Basil, looking fierce.

"Basil, you have to give us an explanation! Obviously, the stock market had been rising very well before. Why did it suddenly fall so much last night? Do you know how much we lost because of it? You have to compensate for our loss! " A tall man stood in front of the crowd and said emotionally.

Basil sneered, inadvertently glanced at everyone standing in front of him, and finally fixed his eyes on the man. He said coldly, "Were you roaring just now? "

Somehow, Basil's words and his cold voice calmed the noisy crowd down. The man was obviously stunned. He looked around at the people who had been as emotional as him just now but calmed down. He couldn't help but say emotionally again.

"Basil don't bully us common people just because you are rich. Do you know that all of us have suffered a great loss because of you? You need to give us an explanation! " The tall man said with a frown.

At this moment, the sneer on Basil's face became more obvious. He stood there with an angry face, and an aura of King instantly spreading over, surrounding everyone around, of course, including that tall man. The tall man took two steps back unconsciously, and his words were trembling. He looked flustered, but he still braced himself and looked at Basil.

"I won't be responsible for this loss. You bought the shares voluntarily. The reason why you bought the shares of my company is that our shares have always been the most stable in the country! " Basil said calmly. Although what he said was true,

hen sat on the sofa. Lola then looked at Cynthia. Cynthia nodded respectfully. The two of them smiled at each other, and Lola sat next to Basil.

"How many? " Basil said coldly, touching the custom-made Cartier diamond ring on his finger. His eyes narrowed slightly, and a cold light flashed unconsciously in them. Basil didn't need to explain anything at all, the old K understood what Basil was asking. Then he quickly opened his mouth and said coldly, "About forty percent. "

"Okay, I know! " Basil said in a cold voice. He curled his lips unconsciously and sneered. He looked up at Cynthia and ordered coldly, "Check the financial situation of that restaurant again! Besides, tell others the news. No matter what, I will let Harrison know! "

"Yes, boss! " After saying that, Cynthia smiled at Lola and left in a hurry. Basil continued to order the old K. "Go and check the information of the leading man today. I want to see him in the usual place tonight! " Basil said in a cold tone, and the eyes of the old K widened slightly. He could not help but feel frightened.

He hurriedly agreed and left like Cynthia.

After the two of them left, Lola was relieved.

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