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   Chapter 178 Endless Sighs

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Seeing this, the old K hurriedly followed Basil He touched his forehead unconsciously and sighed in his heart, 'Thousands of words can only be said in one sentence at this moment, that is, the cold rain slapped my face randomly, and I am forced to alone see others show love.'

Basil sat lazily on a small modern light green sofa, and the old K was standing beside him. Basil leaned against the sofa lazily, looked up at the old K. He said coldly, "How are you doing with the thing I told you? " After saying that, Basil seemingly turned his advanced HK watch of on his wrist.

"Mr. Basil, I have arranged everything you asked me to do. From the moment you received the phone call from Mrs. Lola and left in a hurry, I have arranged people to investigate it day and night. I made some progress at noon, so I came back in a hurry. " The old K said respectfully and looked at Basil firmly.

"Tell me! " Basil said coldly. His voice was so cold that it made people shiver as if he had fallen into an ice hole. Unconsciously, he looked in the direction of his office, seeming to be afraid.

"Mr. Basil, Professor David said that the matter is exactly the same as what you have expected. It is true that someone has injected some kind of drug into Samuel's body to make him crazy. But from the blood analysis of Samuel, Professor David found something strange. That is Samuel's body, which seems to be in the process of self-recovery. " The old K said, confused.

Basil looked up and asked, "What do you mean? Does it seem that he are healing himself? " Basil frowned unconsciously. His years of professional habits told him that things seemed to be heading in an uncontrollable direction. Basil keenly felt that a dangerous aura was slowly approaching him.

"The professor said that from the blood analysis we brought to him, Samuel should have been inje

up made people feel very kind.

Basil turned around coolly and picked up the documents he had just put aside. He said in a domineering voice, "I'm too tired sitting there and want to have a rest. However, as soon as I sat here, you crawled over. I saw that you were sleeping soundly and couldn't wake you up, so I tolerated you for a while. "

Lola snorted and turned her head with disdain. "No, I didn't! " After saying that, Lola stood up from Basil's legs and fixed her hair. What Lola didn't notice was that at the moment she stood up, Basil frowned slightly.

"What are you looking at? " After tidying up her hair, Lola lazily leaned on Basil's shoulder and looked at the things in Basil's hands. Basil looked up at Lola and held her in his arms. Lola found a comfortable posture and sat down.

"Look here." Basil said, pointing at the thing in his hand. The more Lola looked at it, the more familiar she felt.

'Wasn't this what I had seen just now? When did he get it?'

Basil ignored Lola's astonishment. He calmly took out a pen from his side, pointed at the place that was marked by Lola, and said seriously, "Look here, just as you think, there is indeed some omission here! Do you remember, where is this place? "

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