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   Chapter 177 I Want You

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Lola chuckled at it. "I want you. " After saying that, Lola walked slowly towards it. Lola looked around, gently put the things in her hands aside, and picked up a small chair. Although the chair was not big, it was really heavy.

Lola gritted her teeth and put it beside the cabinet with difficulty. She moved left and right. Then she stood on the chair. When Lola was about to reach for the folder, a pair of powerful hands lifted her up from behind.

Lola looked back in surprise and saw Basil frowning and a little angry. Lola giggled and said awkwardly, "Basil. Why are you here? " Lola asked. Basil held her waist and hugged her slowly walked towards the sofa. From Lola's point of view, Basil's side face was as angular and good-looking as if it had been cut by a knife.

Basil stared ahead and said, "I'm afraid you can't stay in this room any longer if I didn't come here. I don't know what you are going to do! " After saying that, Basil put Lola on the sofa. Lola stood on it, lowered her head and said in a soft voice

"Don't scold me. I saw that you were concentrating on your work and worried about disturbing you, so I..." Before Lola finished her words, Basil bent down and leaned in front of Lola. He said in a soft voice, "You are more important than anything else. " After saying that, Basil smiled dotingly.

He turned around and walked to the place where Lola was standing just now. "Is this it? " Basil asked softly, pointing at the document that Lola wanted to take down for the longest time. Lola raised her head and nodded in surprise. "Yes, yes, it is." After Lola said that, Basil turned around and took it down.

Before Basil could take a step forward, he heard Lola's voice coming from behind, "Hold on, hold on Basil, help me bring the two around it. " Lola said slowly. Basil didn't refuse. Inste

n as he opened the door, he heard the deep voice of the old K. The old K was surprised and asked, "Mr. Basil, why do you..."

Basil turned around and gave a ferocious look at the old K, who quickly covered his mouth with his hand. Basil looked back at Lola. Seeing that she was not awakened by the old K. instead, slowly turned over, Basil was relieved. The old K passed behind Basil and looked into the office. He saw that Lola was asleep. Only then did the old K understand why Basil got angry just now.

At this time, Basil closed the door and turned around coldly with a dark face. Without noticing it, the old K teased, "Mr. Basil, don't you think you hide a beautiful woman in your house? " Then he looked up at Basil. Seeing that Basil didn't respond but kept a serious face, the old K then he became serious.

"Mr. Basil! "

"Now you are serious! " Basil cast a cold glance at the old K. The latter lowered his head in a hurry. The old K couldn't help but complain in his heart, 'The same is to see others show love, others are free to see others show love, I am simply forced!'

"How are things over there?" After finishing his question, Basil looked back and walked towards another lounge not far away.

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