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   Chapter 176 National Flower Of The Y Country

Dreamy Mr. Mystery By A Chu Characters: 6145

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"But since this flower is the national flower of the Y Country, there must be very few people in the A Country who know it, and the probability of its appearance is very low. But how could this man have the pattern of Bloody Flower on his body? " Lola leaned sideways, with one hand supporting her head, and looked at Basil foolishly. She was so cute.

"You are right. Even I didn't know it until I was in the Science Search Institute. I thought it was special at that time, so I asked Mr. K to take a photo of it. I didn't expect to see it now. But since they are not from our A Country, what's their purpose of coming to our A Country? " Basil said blankly, and accidentally caught a glimpse of Lola.

He regained his composure and smiled dotingly. He touched Lola's forehead and said, "You are just too curious to know anything. You always look lazy. Once you meet something you are interested in, you will immediately be full of spiritual vitality, just like a wild kitten. "

"What do you mean by 'like'? I'm just a kitten. Didn't you say that it was because of my cat-like personality that you would like me? Meow!" After saying that, Lola leaned on the table like a kitten, squinted her eyes and meowed in front of Basil.

Basil was stunned. He abruptly leaned forward and said, "Kitten, you are seducing me in such a blatant way. I'm afraid that I can't stand it, so I want you here. " Basil said in a sexy voice. His breath directly slapped on Lola's ear, and Lola's ears were red unconsciously, even to her neck.

She jumped up all of a sudden and walked farther and farther in the opposite direction of Basil. She blocked in front of herself and Basil with her hands and said warily, "Don't, Mr. Basil. Please let me go. This is not good. Who knows when someone will come in here? Please let me go! Please let me go! " Lola

h him for a while.

Basil took a step forward slowly and held Lola tightly in his arms. He said in a sexy and masculine voice, "There are a lot of documents on the right cabinet. If you are interested, you can take them down and have a look. I'm going to work. Remember, be careful. " After saying that, Basil left a deep kiss on Lola's cheek. After Lola stood firm, Basil loosened her, turned around and left.

Sitting at his desk, Basil looked up and saw that Lola was standing alone at the place he had just told her and looking through something casually. Basil then smiled dotingly and lowered his head. He looked at what Lola had given him and frowned.

Lola looked up along the cabinet and saw something on the upper floor that attracted her attention. Lola stood on tiptoe and wanted to take it down. However, after several trials, it was still useless. At last, Lola had to give up. She turned around and tried to ask Basil for help.

Basil was looking down at something seriously and frowned. "Things seem to be getting tricky now. I think Basil has a lot of things to deal with. I'd better not bother him." After saying that, Lola looked around. Suddenly, something in the distance attracted her attention.

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