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   Chapter 175 All Saliva

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"Ah! You disgusting woman, it is all saliva! " Basil screamed. He couldn't help but pull a long face and wiped the place where Lola had kissed with a handkerchief in disgust. Then he casually touched her aside and said, "You disgusting woman, you can go down now! " Basil pretended to push Lola with his hand, but his big hand was always on Lola's back.

Lola's smile was like a slippery loach. She held out her hand tightly around the arm of Basil, and moved closer to him. "No, no, No. I want to be with you. " Lola said with a smile, and left her own kiss on the place that Basil had just wiped.

"Well, that's enough." Basil said in a light voice. He gently removed Lola's naughty hand from his body, and then looked at the computer seriously. Seeing this, Lola didn't dare to make trouble. She also stared at the computer screen. She frowned slightly and said in a cold voice.

"Basil, as you just said, Cynthia and I also found something wrong. Not only here, but also here. " Lola said. She suddenly leaned forward and bent over the table. Basil seemed to reach out his hand subconsciously and held Lola in his arms, staring at the computer.

"Look here." As soon as Lola finished her words, she pulled aside and accidentally touched the arm of Basil. With a smile on her face, she pointed at the screen she just showed and continued in a cold voice. "Look here. Can you see clearly what the man is holding in his hand? "

After saying that, Lola turned to look at Basil. Basil also frowned slightly and said lightly, "I don't know yet. But I can be sure that this man is not from our A Country! " Basil said, narrowing his eyes.

"What? How do you know that he is not from our A Country? !" Hearing Basil's words, Lola was frightened and asked. Her eye

ry favored her and wanted to marry her, but this woman was not greedy for power at all. In order to protect her family from being threatened by the emperor, she chose a beautiful night and ended her life. " Basil said in a regretful voice.

Hearing this, Lola was even more moved. She said in a hoarse voice, "What happened later? Were her parents in trouble? "

"Later, those who had been helped by her were in memory of her. Thus, they spontaneously planted this kind of Bloody Flower in front of their own house in memory of her. On the day she committed suicide, people would go to the temple to pray for her to be a god. Later, the emperor seemed to realize his mistake and ordered to make this kind of flower a national flower. Later, in order to spread her spirit, he set up the ZL School. " Basil said slowly, and his eyes unconsciously became melancholic.

Lola also said in a low voice, "What a pity that such a girl who is not afraid of power and willing to help others ended up in a tragic ending." As Lola spoke, her mind became more and more erratic. She stared at the picture and seemed to see a beautiful woman standing in front of her and smiling at her.

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