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   Chapter 173 Confusion

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"Lola, what's going on? !" Cynthia exclaimed, covering her mouth tightly with her hands. She looked unbelievable, "How did this woman disappear from here and how did she appear here? !" Cynthia asked, but she didn't know that she also asked the same question in Lola's heart.

"Keep watching." Lola didn't answer Cynthia's question. Instead, she leaned back slightly and said lazily. Like Cynthia, her eyes were also deeply attracted. As soon as Lola finished her words, Cynthia quickly shut up, and her eyes once again stared at the place just now.

Not long after the woman left, another man appeared in the same place. This time, Cynthia felt a little lucky that she could vaguely see from the video that the man had attached something in his hand to something similar to a password lock. She saw that the red light on the password lock had turned to green.

However, no matter how careful and serious Cynthia was, she still couldn't see clearly what the man was holding in his hand. She then looked up at Lola and asked with doubt, "What should we do? !"

Lola slowly stood up and casually sat on the sofa. She said in a soothing voice, "You have seen it too. No matter how many times you look at it, you can only vaguely see that the man is holding something in his hand. Or it is because of the strange angle I just told you. It happens to be password locked at any time. "

Cynthia said as she left the place where she had stood just now, poured a glass of red wine for Lola and sat beside Lola lazily. "In that case, what if we improve the clarity of the video? Is it possible to see things clearly? " Cynthia said and handed the red wine to Lola.

Lola took it with a smile, took a sip elegantly and gently put it in front of Cynthia and herself. Lola said. "As you can see, there is a flash poin

ceding figure, Lola slowly loosened Basil.

Basil didn't refuse. He slightly lowered his body and deliberately put his mouth into Lola's hand, looking at Lola with affection. When Lola loosened Basil and was about to turn around, Basil raised his hand and held Lola up. He whispered in Lola's ear in a sexy voice, "I miss you so much. "

Basil's flirtation made Lola blush. She lowered her head and buried her head in Basil's chest shyly. Seeing this, Basil smiled even more happily. He walked with ease. His eyes stayed on the sofa for a while, and finally sat in the place where Lola had just sat.

Basil gently loosened Lola and let her sit on his legs steadily, facing him.

"Lola, do you know how much I miss you these days? When I was in the Science Search Institute. What I thought and saw is almost you. I flew back as soon as I got your call. Tell me, did you poison me so that I can't live without you for even a moment? " Basil said in a soft voice, like a spoiled boy.

Lola smiled. She touched Basil's hair and said, "Yes, my boss. When you were sleeping, I used magic on you to make you think about me all your life. Even if you see other beautiful women, you can only see my face. "

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