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   Chapter 172 If Boss Knew It

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"Mrs. Lola, Cynthia dare not. If boss knows it, he will scold me severely! " Cynthia looked at Lola through the rearview mirror, with an embarrassed look on her face. She curled her lips slightly, and her eyes slowly darkened.

"It doesn't matter. If Basil asks, I will tell him that I allowed you to do so. I believe he won't make things difficult for you. " Lola said with a smile. Suddenly, the way she looked at Cynthia changed. She said in a calm voice, "You don't know that since my mother passed away, I have no relatives around me. I think you are a kind girl and I really want to make friends with you. Do you understand? "

Hearing what Lola had said, Cynthia began to blink her eyes, as if she was afraid that tears would fall from the corners of her eyes. Then she said in a hoarse voice, "I know. Don't worry. I will treat you sincerely and treat you as my best friend, Mrs... Lola. " Then she looked at Lola from the rearview mirror, and the two smiled heartily.

The second morning, Lola appeared again in front of the building of Basil's group. This time, the receptionist did not step forward to stop her, but was far away. She bowed respectfully to Lola and then lowered her head to work. Lola looked up and smiled with satisfaction.

"Lola, I have sent all the things you need in the video yesterday to your e-mail as you requested. Please have a look. " When Lola was looking down at the documents in front of her, she heard Cynthia's voice coming from the door from afar. Lola turned on the computer in a hurry, and Cynthia also stood behind Lola.

Lola looked at them carefully. She sometimes frowned and sometimes smiled heartily, which made Cynthia even more confused. Finally, when Lola removed her hand from the mouse, Cynthia couldn't hel

iet and firm voice, "Look carefully at this restaurant. There is nothing unusual at the door. But look at these, "Lola said, reaching for a few clicks on the mouse.

Cynthia immediately widened her eyes and stared at the computer screen, fearing that she would miss something important. Seeing that the time on the screen changed quickly, Lola finally stopped what she was doing and gently pointed to the right side of the screen.

"Look here. The sun is going to set. The sun is not that strong. It just reflected a strange angle through a glass, so we can indistinctly see what happened in the restaurant. "

After Lola had said that, Cynthia held her breath and stared at the computer. From the computer, it could be vaguely seen that about one minute later, a woman in bright and extremely coquettish dress slowly came out. She reached out her hand and touched something unknown with her backpack. But then, something strange happened. She didn't come out, but disappeared.

Cynthia was shocked. She opened her mouth wide and looked at Lola in surprise.

"Go on! " Lola said slowly. The woman who had disappeared just now appeared in another camera. It was so weird!

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