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   Chapter 155 Mind Your Own Business

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"It's none of your business and don't need you to concern the relationship between our boss and his wife!" Once again, the old K stood out to defend Basil. "Our boss and his wife are on good terms. It's none of your business and don't need you, an outsider, to provoke dissension between them! " The old K said word by word fiercely, and the blue veins on his forehead bulged unconsciously!

"Really?" On the contrary, Samuel didn't seem to have much reaction to the old K. He turned his eyes and looked at the old K and Basil with interest. Finally, he fixed his eyes on Basil again and looked at Basil with interest.

"Mr. Basil, what do you think? " As Samuel spoke, the corners of his mouth rose slightly and he snorted coldly. Then he withdrew his sight and looked straight ahead. Samuel looked relaxed and crossed his legs unconsciously. It seemed that in this competition without fighting Samuel had the upper hand!

"I think you are right. I really don't believe Lola! But you is a little wrong. It's not that I don't believe in the relationship between Lola and me. I just don't believe in other people's sense of shame! " Basil turned to look at Samuel playfully.

As soon as the voice fell, Samuel was stunned. He felt ashamed and flustered! But then, Samuel concealed his thought. He pretended to easily pull his neckline again, and once again accidentally leaked a thin pinhole in a place that he could not see.

This time, the needle hole was exactly seen by Basil. Not only that, even the old K beside Basil also saw it. The old K involuntarily stepped forward and looked at Basil nervously. "Mr. Basil, I..." As he spoke, he looked back and forth between Basil and Samuel!

Basil also became nervous. He frowned slightly and coughed, indicating that t

ing was so weird! Even the knowledgeable old K couldn't help shivering!

"Now that you said so, I have a photo to show you." As soon as Basil finished his words, he raised his hand in the air. Then, the old K hurriedly took out an envelope from the pocket of his shirt, and handed it to Basil respectfully. Basil didn't turn around. He threw the envelope in his hand in front of Samuel.

Samuel looked between Basil and the old K, then he slowly picked up the envelope in front of him and opened it.

Inside the envelope was a stack of photos. In each photo, the figure of Samuel appeared more or less. Some were clear and some were blurry! But even so, Samuel could still recognize that the person in the photo was himself!

'Humph! Idiot! You can't even dodge the camera! ' This sentence flashed through Samuel's mind again, and even Samuel's eyes became cold. But soon, Samuel's coldness was gone and Samuel looked the same as before.

He didn't say a word. He just put the photo back into the envelope and pressed it in front of Basil.

Basil's eyes were cold. He kept staring at Samuel. Being stared at by Basil, Samuel felt uneasy and even couldn't help shivering.

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