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   Chapter 154 I Won't Give Up So Easily

Dreamy Mr. Mystery By A Chu Characters: 6256

Updated: 2020-06-30 00:02

"Boom, boom, boom!" A sudden knock on the door broke the silence. Samuel stood up slowly and sighed deeply, "What is supposed to come will eventually come. No matter what you come for, as long as it is related to Lola, I will not give up easily! " Samuel said to himself, then turned around and opened the door.

As soon as he opened the door, he saw that the old K was standing in front of Samuel with a serious look on his face, and his eyes were unconsciously fierce. But Samuel didn't care about it at all. He passed by the old K and said to Basil who was standing behind the old K, "Since Mr. Basil is here, why don't you come in and have a seat? "

After saying that, Samuel turned around and looked into the room. Then the old K turned to look at Basil, as if he was asking for Basil's opinion! His eyes just met with the eyes of Basil in the air. He saw that Basil stood there coldly with his arms crossed over his chest. He didn't say anything but nodded at the old K.

The old K immediately understood what Basil's meant and moved to the other side. Then, Basil walked into the room. The old K followed Basil and walked into the house of Samuel. When Basil passed by Samuel, he couldn't help but take a glance at Samuel's direction. He saw that Samuel had always been indifferent, and Samuel was not surprised at Basil's appearance at all!

"Mr. Basil, would you like some coffee or tea? " When Samuel was busy in the kitchen, he poked his head out and asked Basil who was sitting upright in the living room. However, Basil didn't answer his question. Smart as Samuel was, he turned his head back and murmured to himself, "I only have tea here. I hope Mr. Basil won't mind! "

After saying that, Samuel was holding a plate with a teapot and two teacups on it. Samuel slowly put the things in his hands on the table one by one. Samuel didn't get Basil's perm

it. He just waved his hand, indicating that the old K.

However, even the rational Basil didn't expect that the mention of Lola would cause such a big reaction from Samuel! This made Basil chuckle in his heart, 'it seems that my trip is not in vain!' It was not too late to kill his stupid idea now! Basil thought to himself, staring at Samuel.

"Dean, you don't have to be so excited. It's Basil who is self-centered! Today, I'm not here to argue with you. I just want to kindly remind you that Lola is my legal wife now, so I don't want you to have too much entanglement with her in private! " Basil looked away and emphasized to Samuel.

However, it seemed that Samuel didn't care about Basil's warning at all. Instead, Samuel satirized, "Is it possible that Mr. Basil is not confident in your marriage with Lola? In other words, Mr. Basil came to warn me now because you didn't trust your wife! If Lola knows that you don't trust her! What do you think she will think? !" Samuel said in a soft tone, smiling. At this moment, Samuel looked like a smiling tiger!

Hearing what Samuel had said. Basil suddenly withdrew his gaze fiercely. Once again, he glanced at Samuel! His eyes narrowed unconsciously, and a cold light flashed in them!

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