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   Chapter 153 Everyone Is Equal

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Only in front of love could everyone be equal. No matter how powerful Basil was, he would feel so powerless for the first time!

As time went by, Basil slowly stood up. Under his blurred eyes, a line of tears slowly flowed down his eyes. For the first time, Basil looked so dispirited. He raised his head abruptly and took a deep breath.

When Basil opened his eyes again, he looked as usual! Basil is still cool, revealing the majestic from the bones!


"Boom, boom!" A gentle knock on the door stopped Basil's thoughts. He no longer looked at the scenery outside the window and then he slowly turned around.

"Come in!" Basil said in a cold voice, almost as cold as when he came out of the ice cellar just now.

The old K opened the door and looked through the gap, only to find that Basil was standing in front of the window in a daze with his hands clasped behind his back. Then the old K pushed the door open and walked into the study room of Basil.

"Boss, what can I do for you?" The old K said respectfully with his hands in front of him. Hearing this, Basil turned around.

"I want to see all the videos of the Benny Bar tonight in ten minutes from my computer." Basil said in a cold voice, which could not be disobeyed!

"Yes!" The old K said coldly. He thought to himself, 'I'm afraid no one else has the ability to make Mr. Basil like this except his wife!'! Although the old K complained in his heart, he didn't dare to disobey Basil's order.

Without any delay, the old K transferred all the video materials of the Benny Bar to Basil's computer in the past few days. Then, Basil sat at his desk and looked at it carefully with a serious face.

Soon, Lola appeared on the screen of Basil's computer. It could be seen from the video that Lola had dressed up carefully. She was wearing a light yellow dress with the la

of the line.

Hearing that the phone was connected, Lola first sighed deeply, and then quickly said to the other side of the phone, "Don't say anything next! Listen to me! I will not care about you for the time being when you miss the contract! But if Basil comes to you later! Remember, don't tell him that I want to meet you in the bar! No matter how he forces you, you can only say that you met me by accident in the bar! We didn't make a deal in advance! Do you remember? "

"I know... I know!" The man on the other side of the phone said blankly.

"Lola..."But before he could say anything, the phone was hung up! With a disappointed look on his face, Samuel slowly took down his phone from his ear.

He stared at his phone blankly and murmured to himself, "I thought you called to question me why I didn't go that day! But it turned out that you were not interested at all. All you were thinking about was only Basil! You won't even give me a chance to explain! " Samuel said in a hoarse voice. His eyes gradually became a little dark!

"But even so, I still want to thank you. Thank you for calling me! In this way, do we have the first secret in common! Don't worry. I will carefully guard our two little secrets! "

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