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   Chapter 151 Let Me Explain

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Jeff said proudly, but Kevin seemed not to be interested at all. He slowly turned around and glanced at the things displayed in Jeff's house. Suddenly, a shiny object caught Kevin's attention. Kevin's eyes were instantly attracted by it. He stared at it and walked slowly.

Seeing this, Jeff quickly dropped the oil lamp in his hand. He rushed there with a big stride. But it was too late. He stood still with his hands trembling slightly in the air. He panicked as Kevin slowly turned around, and he anxiously explained:

"Kevin, Kevin, let me explain! However, before Jeff could finish his words, Kevin interrupted him in a cold voice, "Is this Swiss Army knife the one stabbed into my body that day? So you were on the spot at that time! Why, why... "

Kevin yelled hysterically. He shook his head slowly, with disbelief in his eyes! Seeing this look of him, Jeff was very anxious! He stepped forward unconsciously. He grabbed Kevin's shoulder and said, "Kevin, I admit that I was there at that moment! But I'm afraid that they have guns in their hands. Do you know that? !"

Thinking of what happened that night, Jeff was still in a panic, and even when he explanted to Kevin, he couldn't help trembling!

But Kevin didn't seem to think so. "Just because you are afraid and timid, do you just watch them take away the formula of "News" from me?! Do you know that there are still a lot of imperfections in the "News" researched by the doctor? If it is taken away by someone with ulterior motives, the consequences will be unimaginable. Do you know that? "

Kevin emphasized. He didn't notice that Jeff was so scared that he kept stepping back! What's more, Jeff put something into his trouser pocket in a place where Kevin c

help but lower his head and imprinted a kiss on Lola's pink face.

Seeing that, Lola rolled her eyes slightly and unconsciously felt disgusted. She raised her hand and wiped hard on the place where Basil had just kissed. "What are you doing? It's all saliva! Ah! It's so disgusting! " While saying, Lola wiped her face in disgust. She even tried to twist her body and took out a handkerchief from the pocket of her shirt.

But Basil was not angry at all. He smiled dotingly. Suddenly, he kissed on the other face of Lola. Lola raised her head suddenly, "What are you doing! Hmm... "

But before Lola could finish her words, Basil kissed her on her small mouth again. Seeing that, Lola was pissed off. She grabbed Basil's collar fiercely, and then with a force of her wrist, Basil had to lower his head. With a conspiratorial look on Lola's face, Lola kissed Basil on the face as Basil did just now.

But a tight kiss was not Lola's style. When Basil was still immersed in the kiss, Basil saw that Lola turned around and licked his face brazenly. This time, it was Basil who was shocked. He clearly felt that the greasy saliva stopped on his face.

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