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   Chapter 150 Waiting For An Opportunity

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Jeff had been hiding behind the trash can all the time, and he was also waiting. But the difference was that he was waiting for an opportunity. His intuition told him that the person lying on the ground had something very important in his hand. Jeff thought to himself, 'As long as I get this thing from that man, I will find a way to sell it. The money I sell may be enough for my brothers to live a good life for a long time!'

As time went by, the man lying on the ground became weaker and weaker. Finally, his hand slid down from his body and fell to the ground. The people standing in front of him smiled at each other and left together.

Jeff crouched behind the trash can. After confirming that they were far away, he slowly came out from behind the trash can. He looked around furtively with vigilance on his face. After Jeff saw that there was no one around, he quickly ran across the road and ran towards that man.

He knelt beside the man and gently touched his nose to feel his breath.

"There is still a faint breath." Jeff murmured to himself. He then gently shook the man's body and shouted, "Hey! Hello! Bro, are you okay! Hello! !"

It seemed that Jeff's voice was too loud, or that the man's desire to survive was too strong. The man's hand, which had been paralyzed on the ground, moved two times faintly. He said weakly and intermittently, "Please, please, save... Save me! "

Jeff then shouted at the man, "What?! Hello! I beg your pardon? !"

"Help... Help... I..." The man's weak voice came again. This time, Jeff finally heard him clearly. He lay in front of the man, thoughtfully.

"I'm so crazy that I want to save you! Damn it! Ah Go to hell! " Jeff said angrily after a fierce struggle in his mind.


After a day, the man slowly opened his eyes. He looked around,


However, Jeff didn't seem to like this. He twisted his buttocks and turned his back to Kevin "Kevin, you are a patient. There was no reason for the patient to work here! Such a small thing, do you look down upon me? " After saying that, Jeff walked towards the door of the ward.

His steps. He was so confident that he didn't know that when he turned around, a towel slowly slipped down from his waist. With a helpless smile on his face, Kevin bent down to pick up the towel on the ground and left the hospital with Jeff.


"What do you think, Kevin? It's spacious here, isn't it? I'm telling you, I have all kinds of facilities here. Only you can't imagine that I have anything! " Jeff casually threw the thing in his hand aside and turned around to introduce his room to Kevin with pride.

Seeing Kevin standing in the middle of the room, Jeff thought Kevin didn't believe it. Jeff immediately climbed into a pile of scrap metal and found an ancient oil lamp.

After Jeff blew the dust from the oil lamp into the air, he turned around and said proudly, "See? This is the oil lamp. I got it from Miss. Zhang's house next door! Although it's old and shabby, it's worth a lot of money! "

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