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   Chapter 149 Serve Carefully

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Jack gently pushed the door open and slowly put the thing in his hand on the table. When he turned around, he saw Jeff blinking and staring at Jack's back in a daze. Jack immediately walked up to Jeff and served him carefully.

"Did you see dean and others when you went out? Have you listened to me? Be respectful to dean and others! You almost delayed my injury yesterday. You did it in order to protect me. I forgive you for the time being! Last night, if dean hadn't saved me, I would have died now! " Jeff stared at Jack and said weakly.

Jack hurriedly and respectfully stood beside Jeff. "Boss, don't worry. I know it! When I came back just now, I happened to meet the dean and others. According to your order, I had already greeted them, but... "Jack said to Jeff, and unconsciously stopped what he was doing.

Jeff immediately raised its head. "But what? " Jeff looked at Jack coldly. Jack then turned around, with an embarrassed look on his face. "But the dean asked me if I have heard of something that can paralyze people's spirit and often have a severe headache! What's more strange is that it will make people often wake up in different places, and even their memories will be blurred! "

Looking at Jeff, Jack said word by word. Suddenly, Jack seemed to think of something. He turned his eyes and said, "Boss, have you ever heard of such a thing since you had gone through a lot in society for many years? " Jack looked straight at Jeff, his eyes gradually filled with expectation.

Hearing what Jack had said, Jeff looked away. He looked away and stammered, "I... although I have been in society for so many years, what you said... Is too strange! It should be .It should be in the pharmacy laborator

n spare your life! But if you don't listen to us, we have many ways! ! !" The man's eyes were sharp and fierce.

"Huh! You want "news"? No way! Let me tell you, as long as I'm still alive, you can't get the "news"! " After saying that, the man violently shook his head!

"No need to talk to him!" As soon as the voice fell, a woman in leather clothes and very sexy walked out of the crowd slowly. She reached out her hand. She took out a Swiss Army knife from behind! Without thinking, she stabbed directly into the man's abdomen.

The man snorted and fell to the ground. Jeff hid behind the trash can, with its pupils dilated and a look of horror on its face. He covered his mouth tightly with his hands, fearing that he would make any sound and be discovered by them.

Under the dim light, the man's blood grew more and more, along the ground, seeped into the crack of the stone. His face became paler and paler, and his breathing became weaker and weaker!

Those burly men, including the sexy woman, all stood straight and watched coldly! They didn't leave until they were sure that the man in front of them was not likely to survive.

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