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   Chapter 147 It Was So Obvious That He Was Asked To Leave

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As soon as Samuel walked to the ward area, he saw a dense crowd of people waiting in the corridor. Then Samuel turned around and asked Doctor. Wang, "There are too many people, why not go to a separate ward? Staying in the general ward, they will affect other patients! " Samuel asked in a cold voice.

Hearing that there was something wrong with Samuel's tone, Doctor. Wang immediately explained, "No, it's not like that! I've told their boss that according to their conditions, they can apply for an independent ward. However, their boss was afraid that his enemies would take revenge on him if he stayed in a separate ward! Although it's troublesome to live here, at least there are many people. He feels safer to stay here than to live in a single ward. "

Hearing Doctor. Wang's explanation, Samuel became speechless. He couldn't help muttering to himself, 'In this world, even if you are a hero, you still have something to be afraid of! What about me? What am I afraid of?' When Samuel was asking himself, the two of them came to the door of the gang leader's ward unconsciously.

Samuel looked to the door, and the man guarding the door was the man who had confronted him before. The man's eyes had already been covered with dark eye circles. Even so, he still managed to hold on and guarded the door. It could be seen that he must have been guarding his boss for a long time. It seemed that he was a kind man.

Immediately, Samuel stood at the door and coughed. The man immediately came to his senses. He didn't relax his vigilance until he saw clearly that it was Samuel. Then he said to Samuel with a flattering smile, "It's Dean and Doctor. Wang. Please come in. Our boss has been waiting for you for a long time. "

Then the man leaned

derstand? !"

Hearing Samuel had said, Jeff chuckled. Then he said slowly in a cynical tone.

"Although I feel a little uncomfortable hearing what you said. But on second thought, your words were so profound! That's right. In the eyes of doctors, all patients are the same! But in the eyes of Jeff, this was different! After all, you saved my life. According to my habits and moral principles of society, I must repay you! "

Jeff said firmly, and even his eyes became very firm. It seemed that he would jump off the building if Samuel was asked to. Samuel had no choice but to agree. 'I don't need Jeff's help in the future, ' Samuel thought!

Samuel nodded slowly, indicating that he had agreed to Jeff's words. Jeff nodded with satisfaction. Then Jeff said slowly, "Since you has agreed to my request, my wish will be fulfilled. I'm too weak to stand up and see you off. " As soon as Jeff finished speaking, he looked at the door.

It was so obvious that he was asked to leave. No matter how confused Samuel was, he could understand that. Then he turned around and made an eye contact with Doctor. Wang. The two of them walked out of Jeff's ward together.

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