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   Chapter 146 A Wild Cat

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At this moment, Lola was like a wild cat, baring her teeth and waving her claws in front of Basil, not as obedient as before. However, there was nothing Basil could do. He had no choice but to let Lola be noisy like this, and he was happy with it. Although Lola did not seem to be as thorough as Basil in doing things, she looked like very carefree. But she was very careful!

The reason why Lola was restless beside Basil was not only to make Basil not angry, but also to make Basil happy. Because, Lola could clearly feel the strong low pressure from Basil just now. Therefore, even though Lola felt like a clown in her voice, she still wanted to do her best to make Basil happy.

From time to time, Lola climbed to Basil's side. She lay on Basil's chest, trying to reach Basil's lips. Lola pouted. Her attitude was very clear. She wanted to kiss Basil. However, instead of paying any attention to Lola, Basil put his hand on Lola's forehead, making Lola unable to get close to him.

From the rearview mirror, the old K looked at the state of the two. What happened in front of him was so illusory. If it had been a few years ago, the old K wouldn't have believed that Basil would also be so cute. Looking at Basil who was playing with Lola, the old K felt relieved.

Just as the old K was smiling and looking lovingly at Basil and Lola, a crisp and loud ring of his phone aroused his attention. Then he took out his phone and checked the message. The expression on his face became unusually serious because of the content of the message. Even the way he looked at Basil became complicated.

At this time, Lola was immersed in her own happiness. She had no idea that her lame reason would be exposed ruthlessly.

Lola exerted all her strength and finally made a smile on the cold face of Basil. Basil

k knock on the door. Then Samuel raised his head, adjusted his mood and said slowly, "Come in! "

The door was gently pushed open and Doctor. Wang was standing at the door, hesitating. When Samuel was about to ask Doctor. Wang to come in, he heard Doctor. Wang's tentative sound.

"Dean, the leader of the gangs woke up! He wants to see you. Dean, I know you are too busy and shouldn't bother you. How about I refuse him now? " After saying that, Doctor. Wang turned around and was about to leave. Samuel stopped Doctor. Wang immediately.

"Doctor. Wang, wait! " Doctor. Wang then stood firm. He slowly turned around and looked at Samuel in confusion.

"Dean, what can I do for you? !" Doctor. Wang fixed his eyes on Samuel with a complicated expression in his eyes. Then Samuel smiled happily and sighed slightly. Then he stood up slowly. Under the gaze of Doctor. Wang, Samuel slowly walked towards Doctor. Wang.

When Samuel stood beside Doctor. Wang, he slowly put a hand on Doctor. Wang's shoulder and said, "Okay, I'll go with you to see him! "

It was just a simple sentence, but Doctor. Wang was unexpectedly happy in an instant. The two then walked side by side towards the ward area.

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