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   Chapter 144 Bleeding

Dreamy Mr. Mystery By A Chu Characters: 5980

Updated: 2020-06-25 00:02

"Doctor. Wang, what's wrong? !" Samuel also rushed to the front of Doctor. Wang. He grabbed Doctor. Wang's arm and asked anxiously. Doctor. Wang stood in front of Samuel, gasping for breath. But even so, Doctor. Wang told Samuel what had just happened intermittently

"Dean... Dean, trouble comes! Just now... A few men came downstairs and claimed to be gangsters! They ... their bosses were stabbed ... were stabbed several times ... all the time ... all the time ... and he kept bleeding! They... They claimed that if we didn't stop their boss from bleeding, they... They would smash our hospital! " Doctor. Wang said breathlessly.

Samuel then said with concern. "Then stop the bleeding! Where are the nurses in the nursing station? Didn't anyone go to stop the bleeding? " As a doctor, Samuel didn't care who was injured or who the injured was. At this moment, what he cared about was whether the doctors and nurses in his hospital had watched coldly and let the injured bleed.

But then, Doctor. Wang's words dispelled Samuel's worries. Doctor. Wang finally calmed down, but he still anxiously said to Samuel, "Of course we did. Not only the nurses in the nursing station, but also the doctors on duty, appeared beside the injured at the first time. "

"Then why did you come to me? " Samuel immediately raised his question when Doctor. Wang was talking. At this moment, he was running out of time. This was the first time Lola asked him out. He didn't want to miss the appointment with Lola. But what Doctor. Wang had said next made Samuel have to reconsider.

"Dean, it's useless! One of the gang's men said that their boss had a noble status and he must be bandaged by you in person. Only in this way could they rest assured! They said that our nurses were careless and they w

ave our boss by giving him to you? !" The man in the lead looked at Samuel up and down four times and then said slowly with a vigilant face. It was not his fault to be suspicious. After all, there were many enemies of their boss who wanted to kill him, so they had to be on guard!

However, his men couldn't help but feel confused. Samuel's voice echoed in the hall of the hospital again. "If you hesitated more, your boss will really die! Do you want to save him or not? Think it over! " He said lightly, but his voice sounded so firm.

Hearing Samuel's words, those men didn't hesitate. The man in the lead said in a hurry, "Help! Help! Doctor, please save our boss! " As soon as he finished speaking, the man in the lead knelt down in front of Samuel. The rest of them also knelt down.

The doctors and nurses in the hospital had never seen such a scene. They were all stunned and stood still. But Samuel was different. He was the dean of the hospital and he had experienced some occasions, so he was not frightened by such a scene.

He walked past the men in black unhurriedly and walked quickly and steadily towards the injured gang leader. There was confidence on Samuel's face.

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