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   Chapter 143 Headache

Dreamy Mr. Mystery By A Chu Characters: 5759

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Samuel's fingers gently touched the screen of his phone, and then he clicked on the call log. He tapped his fingers on the table. When Samuel put his hand back on the screen, the headache felt again. This time, it seemed that he was really going to be torn apart alive.

Samuel felt that his eyes began to blur and his vision became blurry unconsciously. He struggled to support himself and stumbled towards the door. He unconsciously reached out his hand and slapped himself hard on the forehead, as if only in this way could he make himself feel better.

Gradually, when Samuel felt that his soul was about to be taken away from his body, the appearance of a person brought Samuel a moment of relief. Just as Samuel felt that his body was getting heavier and his eyelids were getting heavier, he was about to fall asleep. Suddenly, the door of his office was pushed open from the outside.

When she saw Samuel who was lying on the ground, in rags and exhausted. At first, she was stunned. Then she hurried to Samuel's office and closed the door carefully. She knelt down in front of Samuel without hesitation. Then she tied up her hair from behind, gently lifted Samuel up from the ground and put Samuel on her legs.

Then she took out the transparent liquid from her backpack. Then she skillfully stabbed it into Samuel's neck. She reached out her hand and touched Samuel's chest slowly. Somehow, she looked so nervous.

She just kept kneeling on the ground. Even though her fair knees began to turn red, she didn't seem to have an intuition. Her hands kept touching Samuel's chest without a break.

After a long time, Samuel's fingers moved slightly, and the girl let out a deep breath. She gently put Samuel bac

shed his words, he closed his eyes tightly as if he had used up all his strength.

Abby stood quietly in front of Samuel and asked, 'Dean called my name just now? It turned out that he remembered me! But why did he turn a blind eye to me when I greeted him not long ago? ' Abby looked at Samuel suspiciously. But the more Abby looked at it, the more suspicious Abby felt. 'Why do I feel that the dean lying in front of me now is a little different from the one I have just met? ' Abby was confused. She really wanted to hear Samuel's explanation. However, seeing that Samuel was sleeping more safely, Abby had no choice but to put a small blanket on Samuel considerately and then left quietly.

When Samuel woke up, he felt refreshed. He grabbed the blanket on his body and began to recall what had just happened. Thinking of this, he accidentally glanced at the clock on the wall. It was almost the appointed time with Lola.

Without thinking too much, Samuel stood up in a hurry. But as soon as he opened the door, Samuel saw Doctor. Wang rushing towards him in a hurry. Then Samuel walked out of his office and walked towards Doctor. Wang.

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