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   Chapter 141 Necessary Rules

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When Lola was staring blankly at the door, the maid's gentle knock brought Lola back to her senses. She looked in the direction of the voice and saw the maid waiting at the door, not daring to come in. Seeing that Lola was looking at her, she quickly lowered her head and whispered to Lola.

"Mrs. Lola, Mr. Basil is waiting for you to have dinner downstairs. " After saying that, the maid took a step back and said, "Mrs. Lola, please. " After saying that, the maid reached out her hand, pointed to the direction of the stairs and spoke to Lola respectfully. Following the direction pointed by the maid, Lola rolled her eyes and then slowly stood up.


As soon as they reached the stairway, Lola saw Basil sitting on the sofa with his legs crossed and looking at his phone. He sat there quietly and concentrated. He didn't notice Lola at all. After seeing Lola, the old K slowly bent over and whispered in Basil's ear, "Mr. Basil, Mrs. Lola is downstairs. " Then the old K turned around and left. After all, the old K had been with Basil for many years, so he knew these necessary rules!

After hearing the voice of the old K, Basil turned his head and looked at the position where the old K stood. Seeing that the old K had already left, he nodded with satisfaction. Then, Basil turned his head and put on a spoiled expression. He quickly stood up and walked towards Lola.

"What were you doing just now? Why don't you eat? " Lola asked gently before she walked up to Basil. While asking, Lola unconsciously turned her head to the place where Basil had just sat. Basil then walked to Lola and naturally put his arm around Lola's waist. Then he said slowly

"Nothing. I just want to see the stock of each company today. After all, the company had recently planned to purchase a film and television company called Fire Fox. Although there was no c

rt to me if anything happens! Remember, don't let Mrs. Lola find you. Do it in secret! Besides, the most important thing is to protect Mrs. Lola! "

"Mrs. Lola... What's wrong? " The old K asked in confusion. However, before he could ask more, Basil cast a cold glance at him. The old K was so scared that he stopped talking and took two steps back unconsciously. Basil was so horrible! The aura emanated from his body was like a pair of invisible big hands tightly holding people's throat, making people unable to breathe!

"Yes, yes! I'll do it right now! " The old K said in a low voice, lowering his head. As soon as he finished speaking, the old K ran away in a hurry! Staying with Basil for one more second would make the old K feel uncomfortable!


When Lola returned to her room, she didn't know that Basil had already known it. She leaned against the door with her hands over her chest. There seemed to be something in her heart that was about to come out! The feeling of almost suffocating made Lola very uncomfortable!

Lola didn't know how long this state had lasted before she felt better. Then, she slowly walked to the window and saw Basil walking towards the Maserati car parked not far away under the crowd.

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