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   Chapter 140 Seemed To Tear His Head Apart

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"Ah! My head hurts! " The sudden sharp headache made Samuel have to curl up. He was lying on the steering wheel in pain, struggling. The sharp headache seemed to tear his whole head apart. Samuel closed his eyes tightly and frowned. Moreover, he kept pounding his forehead with his hand, as if he could feel much better.

He didn't know how long this feeling lasted before it gradually became weak. Then Samuel slowly straightened up. There seemed to be something different around him that was slowly rising. Even the way he looked ahead became different.

Samuel fixed his hair from the rearview mirror and looked at the phone he had thrown on the co-pilot seat because of headache. Seeing that, Samuel rolled his eyes and took the phone in his hand. As soon as he opened the phone page, what was displayed on the screen was just the call record with Lola.

Staring at the phone screen for a long time, Samuel seemed to have a plan in his mind. The expression in Samuel's eyes became more and more complicated. The corners of his mouth curved in a strange arc. After a long time, Samuel slowly put his phone aside, started the car and left.

Not long after Samuel left, a red Audi car stopped at the place where Samuel had just stopped. The woman in the car was wearing exquisite makeup. Her big burgundy curly hair was casually scattered on her chest. A blue shirt and a burgundy hip-hip skirt showed her good figure incisively and exquisitely. Her fingers were slender and white, with distinct joints. A shining diamond ring shone in the sun.

She reached out her hand lazily and flipped her hair. Then she took out her phone from the co-pilot seat, looked around vigilantly, and dialed a number. When the phone was connected, she

t herself in the mirror and murmured. The air was filled with a pungent fragrance. But Lincy didn't notice it. It seemed that she was trying to hide something with the smell.

Suddenly, a slight wind blew in through the window, and Lincy's hair flied in the air. Suddenly, a huge and horrible scar was exposed in the air. Lincy suddenly panicked. She hurriedly reached out her hand and stroked her hair to cover the scar.

Finally, the scar was hidden in Lincy's hair again. But Lincy felt that this didn't seem to be enough! She suddenly picked up a bottle of medicine from the front of the mirror and sprayed it violently in the air. The unpleasant smell became stronger now.

After a long time, Lincy seemed to be satisfied. She slowly put down the medicine in her hand and smiled at herself in the mirror.


After hanging up the phone, Lola sat back on the sofa. She looked ahead blankly, and her eyebrows were sometimes relaxed and sometimes wrinkled. At this moment, Lola was just waiting for an opportunity, a chance to let Basil free her out.

Somehow, she felt that the man in black outside the manor had something to do with Samuel.

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