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   Chapter 138 Be Frustrated A Lot

Dreamy Mr. Mystery By A Chu Characters: 6207

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"Antonia, I didn't! Antonia... Antonia? " On the other side of the phone, with his eyes closed, Samuel was about to explain to Antonia in a familiar tone. However, before Samuel could say anything, the phone was hung up. Then Samuel put his hand down from his ear. The black screen made Samuel more frustrated.

"You are impatient, can you be considerate of me? Will I be tired and annoyed too? " Samuel complained and faced to the phone. "You always quarrel with me. Aren't you tired, Antonia? If you are not tired, I am tired! You want to quarrel with me. Could you find a suitable reason? Why do you say that I sent you a message saying that I would break off the engagement with you? Ha-ah, Antonia, how could you think of such a thing? "

Looking at the black screen of his phone, Samuel confessed his bitterness, "Hold on, a message? " The look in Samuel's eyes immediately became confused. If it had been before, Samuel would have been very sure that the message from Antonia no longer exist. But now

Immediately, Samuel switched on his phone again. "Text message? What kind of text message did Antonia say? " Samuel sped up while murmuring. Finally, after a series of unlocking, Samuel unlocked his phone. The next second, Samuel opened the message interface!

Seeing this, Samuel was completely confused! On the screen of his phone, there was a text message, saying "Antonia, I've thought about it for a long time. I still don't think we're right for each other! At first, I felt that your father had a prejudice against me. For so long, I have been trying my best to clear up your father's misunderstanding about me. But after so long, your father's misunderstanding about me has not been eliminated, but deepened! Besides, your mother put obstacles in our way, so they don't bless us! Without the blessing of your family, we are destined not

t got engaged... You... "Suddenly, Lola didn't know how to continue the conversation with Samuel. When they got engaged, it was Antonia who took away Samuel from Lola. Even though Basil loved Lola now, Lola didn't want to experience the feeling of being taken away by others a second time! Even after such a long time, that feeling was still so clear and heartbroken.

It was obvious that Samuel also sensed the strange atmosphere in Lola's voice. Then he quickly eliminated the embarrassment and adjusted the atmosphere with a self-mocking tone. "I know. I'm not a shy man. I will unconsciously apologize to the girl. When I was with you, I always apologized! No wonder people always say that my heart is soft! "

Suddenly, Samuel realized that he had said something wrong. As expected, Lola was also stunned at the other side of the phone. The two of them were so embarrassed that they didn't know how to eliminate the silence. They could even hear each other's breath clearly on the phone.

Finally, it was Samuel who eliminated the silence. "Lola, if there is nothing else, I'll hang up! " Samuel said tentatively. When Samuel was about to hang up the phone, he heard Lola's voice came eagerly from the other side of the phone.

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